TSA toothpaste: Now with extra whitening

john_s_pistoleJohn Pistole, administrator of the TSA, today announced a new venture for the Transportation Security Administration. “Up until today, the TSA has been vilified as a harsh, punitive body, known for limiting traveler’s rights, restricting items that may be brought onto planes, and for taking items away from travelers that might cause a safety concern. In recent days, this perception has become heightened, after concerns that terrorists might use toothpaste tubes to bring explosives onto planes, causing TSA agents to confiscate hundreds of tiny tubes of Crest and Colgate from angry travelers. But today, that will change. Today, the TSA becomes a giver to all travelers, with our new Toothpaste Reform Advantage Program (TRAP). Under TRAP, TSA agents will provide every airline passenger who passes through inspection without incident, with a free, travel- size tube of TSA Toothpaste.” Pistole further adds that travelers will be able to choose between regular and extra-whitening.

“My hope from now on is that travelers will see  TSA agents, not as restrictive punishers but as jolly givers, more Santa than Ayatollah. This new program will not only assist agents in keeping our airways safe, but give passengers a fresh clean smile.”

Pistole further  explained that TSA toothpaste meets all standards for the TSA, as well as the American Dental Association.

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10 thoughts on “TSA toothpaste: Now with extra whitening

  1. I think that’s a great idea! In fact, they should make up little travel bags filled with not only toothpaste, but shampoo/conditioner, shave cream, mouthwash, soap and whatever other travel-size items you’re supposed to be allowed to bring on the plane (unless they suddenly change their minds and tell you otherwise). Not only would the skies be safer, but no one would forget these things!

    • I heard that too, although it almost sounds like something I would make up. I’m hoping it will cure my need to eat something chocolate at the end of every meal – instead of eating chocolate, I’ll just run and brush my teeth. I’m afraid it will turn out to be disappointing though, like fake chocolate often is.

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