The long winter of 2014: A snowman’s perspective

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14 thoughts on “The long winter of 2014: A snowman’s perspective

    • yes, we can go out in our cars, and I’ve been doing it all winter. We have plows to keep the roads clear, but they aren’t all clear at the same time. If there is a big snowfall, first the main roads get plowed one lane in each direction, then two lanes. Then the more main side roads get plowed one lane, then the less important side roads one lane. Once all of that is done they may start going back and plowing the side roads two lanes, unless we’ve gotten new snow again, and then they’d have to stop and go back to the main roads and so on. The plows also drop salt or sand on the roads, but this weather has been especially bad because we’ve had a lot of temps in the teens, and the salt does not work below 17 degrees. The best part is when the sun comes out and helps melt the snow on the roads. As the winter went on, and Lake Michigan became more frozen, that has meant less snow and more sun, which has helped the roads. And many people with a driveway have a snow blower or hire someone to plow their driveway, but there still are plenty of people who shovel it out by hand every time. Sorry for the long answer -I’ve always lived in weather like this, but lots of people have not.

      • ” . . . . there still are plenty of people who shovel it out by hand every time.”
        We know all about this because relatives of ours in Germany and Austria have to do this every time when it snows a lot in winter. But they are used to this. In areas where there is usually a lot of snow in winter people always seem to cope with it and streets can be kept clear with plows. But then of course it gets more difficult as the snowfall increases. I don’t blame you for wishing for less snow and more sunshine!

  1. Cute! I’m usually o.k. with Winter, as long as it ends sometime in February–and doesn’t drop 102 inches of snow as it did this year!

    • Thanks. 102! I knew we’d had a lot but I hadn’t heard that total. Oddly enough, even though I practically invented being cold, I didn’t mind this winter so much, I think because it was pretty and bright from all the snow, and not so dark and dreary. But I’m definitely ready for it to end. Maybe the below zero temps this AM finally finished me off. Winter, we are soooo done!

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