WP Photo Challenges

Each week WordPress offers its bloggers a Weekly Photo Challenge. WP gives a one word photo theme, then WP bloggers go to work with their original photos. Some bloggers just post a photo, others add a story or explanation of their photos. It’s up to the blogger to decide what to do with each week’s theme.

I’ve started doing the weekly photo challenges whenever I can, and have found it’s a great way to expand one’s blog from just words. Many of the weekly photo challenge participants are professional photographers, and I’m honored to have my humble photos in among theirs in the WordPress Blogosphere.

Sometime I add a story, and sometime I make the photo challenge a guessing game for the readers. As my foray into the photo challenges has evolved, I’ve tried more and more to let the photos do the talking and sum up my interpretation of the theme with only a few words. If you like photo blogs, check out all of my photo challenge entries collected here.

All photography was done by Huffygirl (Donna Barry) and may not be used or reprinted without written  permission. Contact Huffygirl via comments or email for photo use permission.

1. Ocean 

2. Spring 

3. Wildlife 

4. Round 

5. Answer to Round 

6. One

7. Answer to One 

8. Lines 

9. Old

10. Answer to Old 

11. Light 

12. Red 

13. Tiny

14. Water

15. Numbers 

16.  Morning 

17. Worn

18. Refreshing

19. Sky

20. Colorful

21. Broken

22. Mountains

23. Entrance

24. Flowers

25. Up

26. More Up

27. Path

28. Textured

29. Faces

30. Fall

31. Sunset: Sunset # 1

32. Sunset 2: Another  sunset

33. Comfort

34. Possibilities

35. Answer to Possibilities

36. Hidden

37. Windows

38. Wonder

39. Breakfast

40. Family

41. Waiting

42. Between

43. Winter

44. Launch

45. Peaceful

46. Simple

47. Hope (1)

48. Hope (2)


50. Indulge

51. Down

52. Regret

53. Distorted

54. Contrast

55. Through

56. Arranged

57. Two subjects

58. Sun

59. Together

60. Hands

61. Close

62. Create

63. Purple

64. Near and far

65. Solitary

66. Silhouette

67. Geometry

68. Green

69. My 2012 in pictures

70. Kiss

71. Forward

72. Future tense

73. Color

74. Up

75. Above

76. Patterns

77. Signs Part 1

78. Signs Part 2

79. Dreamy

© Huffygirl 2013


4 thoughts on “WP Photo Challenges

  1. Hello, Donna. I love your photo challenge photographs. I am also interested in doing the Weekly Photo Challenge. I am having a hard time finding where WordPress posts the weekly subjects. Is there any way you can assist me with that? 🙂 I appreciate it. Thank you. ~Elena

    • Sure Elena. First go to The Daily Post by this link: http://dailypost.wordpress.com/
      The weekly photo challenge assisnments come out every Friday. You can check the website on Friday to get the photo challenge, or you can click on the link on the right to subscribe. Then you’ll get an email every day from the daily post, including the weekly photo challenge email on Friday. I hope this helps – I’ll have to check out your blog and see if you’re doing the photo challenges!

  2. Have you tried instagram? It’s iPhone only for now, but there are similar challenges (and some great photos) over there.

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