A look back: my first year of blogging

"You had a good run Grandma"

It’s been just about a year since I started Huffygirl’s Blog, so naturally it’s time for some reflection. I started my blog mid February 2010 when I was spending way too much time home alone, and feeling a need to do something new and creative. I wrote  six posts and was ecstatically excited about every single one. I badgered everyone I knew to read them and give me feedback. (Sorry, obliging friends and family.) My original thought was to write about health and wellness, and help people everywhere overcome their health demons. That idea was okay, but it seemed that not that many people were interested in reading about all the things they should be doing for their health, but probably were not. But then one day I cleaned my self-cleaning oven, all the while with a satirical script running through my head, and the Satire Friday category was born. Suddenly, I had much more to write about, as a chance to satirize my life lay at my fingertips. Since then I’ve branched out into other categories:  Random Thoughts and Personal Rants, which are exactly what they sound like; Exercise and Fitness, fueled by my

"Funny, you don't look a day over...."

 own journey to improve my cardiovascular fitness level; HuffyHow, inspired by my discovery of how to get tulips to stand up straight in a vase,  Plinky Prompts, short stories written in response to a topic assigned by Plinky, Nature, to cover my interests in gardening and birds,  and Food, because we all have to eat, so why not make it interesting?

Just like all things in life, some blogs turned out great and some, not so much. Here’s the highlights of the year in review.

Worst blog ever Senate Bill 2274, McCain-Logan. I wrote this as if it had been plucked fresh off the front page of The Onion, my favorite, made-up, satirical news source,  but most people DID NOT GET IT. It was inspired by a report on dreary unemployment numbers, that basically suggested that the only way to find enough jobs for our large population of unemployed was to have many of those already working die.  I had great fun writing it, fine-tuning every detail down to the bill number (the year Logan’s Run takes place.) https://huffygirl.wordpress.com/2010/11/05/satire-friday-senate-bill-2274-mccain-logan/

Most enduring blog: A tie between America’s Love Affair with cheese and How to cure floppy tulip syndrome. American’s  obsession with cheese  

Tulip bouquet

"How to cure floppy tulip syndrome"

draws interest, or maybe folks are just entering the search term “love affair.” Apparently I underestimated the need for a cure for tulips flopping over in a vase. That post continues to get several views every week, and was the first of mine to appear in a Google  search. https://huffygirl.wordpress.com/2010/02/18/americas-love-affair-with-cheese/


Easiest blog to write: Invisible Fence. Inspired by a spate of celebrity, politician and rich-people bad behavior, the words just spilled out as fast as I could type, which is pretty fast. But just like McCain-Logan  I’m not sure that everyone got it. https://huffygirl.wordpress.com/2010/08/13/satire-friday-invisible-fence/

Hardest blog to writeYou had a good run Grandma.  My tribute to my recently deceased mom was hard because I had so much to say, wanted to get it right, and wrote it during a very emotional time, but easy in a way, because the thoughts poured out once I got started. https://huffygirl.wordpress.com/2010/12/30/you-had-a-good-run-grandma/ 

Longest time in draft limbo: Just in time for Thanksgiving, the turtato.

The Turtato - a potato shaped like a turkey! (Photo: Huffygirl)

Inspired by a potato that looked just like a turkey, I tried to make this one work. I took picture after picture of my turtato, but could not get the right look to show everyone how much it REALLY did look like a small turkey. It’s still sitting in drafts and will probably remain there forever, where it rightly belongs.

 My all time favorites:  A tie between My 100th post,  Socks without partners, and You had a good run Grandma. My 100th post was a look back on how my writing mantra evolved (Laugh. Cry. Think. Learn.) and thanks to my loyal readers and WordPress for helping me to get there. https://huffygirl.wordpress.com/2010/11/13/my-100th-post-thanks-wordpress/

 Socks without partners was a parody based on the fine organization, Doctors without Borders, inspired by those extra socks that everyone finds in their dryer. Part of what makes a blog a favorite for me is how I felt while writing it, and if I felt the message came through. https://huffygirl.wordpress.com/2010/10/18/socks-without-partners/

Most attentionFunny, you don’t look a day over…  When this blog was featured on Freshly Pressed, WordPress’ home page (thanks again WP) it received an overwhelming 2,639 views the first day, and bumped my monthly total views to a respectable high. Although fame is fleeting, it was a great rush. https://huffygirl.wordpress.com/2010/11/02/funny-you-dont-look-a-day

Best part of blogging: Being part of a world-wide community of bloggers, reading and commenting on other people’s blogs, having a forum from which to write, and just plain being able to write. 

Thanks readers for your interest and your support. It’s what keeps all bloggers and writers going – we’d be nothing without you!


56 thoughts on “A look back: my first year of blogging

  1. Congrats on the 1 year milestone! I thoroughly enjoy reading your wonderful blog. Looking forward to many, many more years ahead! Have a great day! 🙂

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  3. Well done! I still haven’t progressed from the pestering friends and family stage but even if I do, it’s worth keeping at it.

  4. Great post, and congratulations. I can’t wait to get to the end of the year…I’m gasping. Does it get easier or do you go on day to day until it smooths out? thanks for this.

    • I think if you have something to say, writing is easy. If you don’t – well that’s the hard part. If you’re committed to posting every day, some of those posts probably end up as “I have nothing to say today” kind of posts. For me doing a post a day was a little too much, post a week not enough. I post 3-4 times a week and most of the time find it easy. The few times I’ve lacked inspiration have been times when I’ve been surrounded by other people and had no quiet time to myself to hear the inspiration. That’s when I pull out a draft that I started and finish it – the inspiration is already there, it just needs the polish. Keep going – I’m sure you’ll make it.

  5. Hi huffygirl, I may steal the idea of this post when my first year is up in November. It’s a great post! You should stop by my blog some time as there may be some stuff you’ll like. The blog’s evolving in a similar way to how yours did. Ciao, K

    • Oooh K, I hope you’re not really stealing my idea. I’ll look forward to seeing your reflection on your first year of blogging. I have stopped by your blog from time to time and enjoyed it.

  6. I’m looking forward to that milestone! Congratulations! I’m finding that as I seek to post more quality-type posts, I also may post less often than once a day, but more than once a week. I’m cool with that! The journey of blogging commits me to the regular exercise of writing, and the joy that comes from it is PRICELESS! You go gurrrrrrl!!!

    • Thanks SomerEmpress. I agree with your thoughts as well – I think the quality is more important than quantity, at least from the writer’s standpoint. Looks like you’ve been working hard at your blog – good luck.

  7. Congrats and it’s so lovely to be able to hear your passion and excitment for blogging. Sometimes I think it’s just me who gets so bouncey about this stuff – it’s wonderful to know there’s others out there too.

  8. Hey Huffy, great reflection about your first year blogging! It great that you really thought about the different kinds of posts, I should do that too in order to see how my blog evolves… Congrats on beeing FP, by the way…! 🙂

  9. Wow. Such a great piece of work. I was reading this blog in my mobile while I was seated in my car and I was so engrossed in it that I was completely unaware of whats happening around for a few moments. Congratulations on your first year bloggiversary. To many more years of blogging. Cheers.

  10. Lovely post and good idea. I may borrow it when my one year blogiversary rolls around (in about, oh, 10 months :P). Congratulations on making it that far and enjoying it along the way.

    I didn’t know about your blog before but noticed it in the WP feature. I subscribed and am glad I found you. Looking forward to more of your writings.

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    • Thanks. I have seen a few blogs that have fizzled after only two or three posts. If it’s something you enjoy, and you have something you want to say, it’s easier to make the committment. Being able to type really fast helps too. Thanks for subscribing BTW.

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