Socks Without Partners

Rainbow striped toe socks worn with thong sandals

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Has this ever happened to you? You put a pile of dirty socks into the washer, then the dryer. Once they’re done, you take them out, match them up and voila! There’s always a sock left without a partner.  The poor leftover sock gets tossed into the lost sock pile, gathering dust, put out to the sock pasture, waiting for a partner that almost never shows up.

But now, there’s a way to put those lone socks to good use; now there’s Socks Without Partners. Socks Without Partners gathers socks from around the world, matches them up with appropriate partners, and sends them out to missions in third world countries. Once there, the newly mated socks are distributed to victims of famine, earthquakes, hurricanes and the like. Now, the less fortunate can benefit from the unfortunate loss of sock partners. No more will single socks languish in back rooms, laundry baskets and closet floors. Socks Without Partners gives abandoned socks a new lease on life.

But maybe you’re thinking, “My lost socks could never find a new partner, because (fill in the blank)my feet are so large, or I only wear striped socks.” No worry. Socks Without Partners casts a global search for socks. Because of its world-wide network, there is no sock variety that can’t be matched. There is no sock that is too obscure, old, faded, gender-ambiguous, oddly colored, large or small for Socks Without Partners. Socks Without Partners accepts socks of all colors, sizes, creed, fabric content, elastic quality and length. Rest assured that your single socks in whatever condition will find a home with Socks Without Partners.

Log on to today to find out how your lone socks can help the less fortunate. Turn your unfortunate, lonely socks, into vibrant partnered socks at Socks Without Partners today! 

(Donations to Socks Without Partners are tax-deductible. Request IRS form 3122C when making your donation.)

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11 thoughts on “Socks Without Partners

  1. Too funny. I used to put in a basket on top of the dryer and think I had to keep them until I found a match. After about a year of this and the basket overflowing, I started throwing them away. The freedom was indescribable. If only I’d know there was somewhere to send them. 🙂

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