Ice Capades

The elusive red-bellied woodpecker catching an icy bite. (Photo: Huffygirl)

A lone leaf caught in deep freeze. (Photo: Huffygirl)

Icicle feeder? (Photo: Huffygirl)


Summer grasses heavy with icing. (Photo: Huffygirl)


Maple freeze. (Photo: Huffygirl)


Icy hedgerow. (Photo: Huffygirl)


Hungry visitor. (Photo: Huffygirl)


Belsicle (Photo: Huffygirl)

Iceman. (Photo: Huffygirl)

Frozen in time. (Photo: Huffygirl)

Today, my corner of the world is encased in ice. Enjoy the beauty.

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16 thoughts on “Ice Capades

    • I’m definitely ready for spring here any time. Today, after our ice storm, we got three inches of snow on top of the ice. Makes us appreciate the warm weather when it finally arrives.

  1. I had a similar icing over the last couple of days. The poor birds are having trouble getting to the ice covered feeder I put out. I want to clear it off so they don’t have to go hungry but a part of me also wants to see how long it takes until they get desperate and start eating each other…

    • Thanks. I’ve lived where it snows all my life, so I must say I’ve never met anyone who has not been around snow. You’ll have to visit someplace snowy at least once in your life!

  2. How did you take a shot of that squirrel?
    Every time i want to do that they run away up into a tree!
    (Not that i see a lot of squirrels.)
    And just like Mtresa, the leaf with the dripping ice is my fav!
    And you deserved being posted on postaday!

    • Thanks Leia. I was only about 2 feet away from the squirrel, but the secret is that I was inside, the squirrel was outside and I took the pic through the glass door. The best way to catch a picture of a squirrel is to catch them while they’re eating – they’ll do almost anything for food.

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