33% done

"No I'm good..." ( © Huffygirl)

The good folks at WordPress, who’ve been busy promoting the campaigns of Post a Week 2011 and Post a Day 2011, recently pointed out to we bloggers that 2011 is 33% done. First, let me say ewwww – how did 2011 become 33% gone already?  January through April just flew by, and not because I’ve been blogging. I think it has something to do with time moving faster every year you get older, plus the phase of the moon, moss growing on the north side of trees, the prime interest rate, and Donald

"Housekeeping" ( © Huffygirl)

Trump’s hair creating some kind of time vortex. Second, the winter was so tedious this year, at least here, that we’ve been wishing winter would  move on, and I guess it finally did.

Anyway, now that we’re at the 33% mark, WordPress wants to know how we bloggers, who’ve been toiling away for the last quarter are doing. Specifically, here’s what  WP said:

Congratulations on completing month four of the challenge! Since January, you guys have collectively published almost 150,000 posts!

To celebrate being thirty-three percent done with Post a Day/Post a Week, share your top three favorite posts that you’ve published since starting the challenge.

Keep up the great work, everyone!

"...Spring spheres"

So without further ado, here’s a brief moment of self-aggrandizement as I share, in no particular order, my three favorites for the first quarter:

Time to get out your spring spheres!

House keeping

No I’m good, I think I’ll climb back down now

© Huffygirl

15 thoughts on “33% done

      • 😮 Yes I’m done with school My results are due this week or the next. I’ll be on college after that. How did you guess? 😮

      • Well I saw on your blog that you said you were 17. Over here in the US most people finish high school at age 17-18. Plus you mentioned “growing up” in your comments, so I figured you must be almost done with school. I hope college brings more big accomplishments for you.

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