The most pressing conundrum of 2011?

When I started this blog two years ago, I was hoping to inform, and to  make people think and laugh. I wanted to discuss important issues, but not be so heavy and pedantic that reading this blog would be like doing homework. So I put in some important information on health, exercise, and how-tos, mixed in with some lighthearted satire, and smatterings of my own hapless struggles through life.

So did it work? Depends. People have come here over the past two years for laughter, and in some cases, for answers to pressing issues. And in my own  small way, I’ve been able to address what has turned out to be one of the most pressing conundrums of the twenty-first century. Something that has troubled, puzzled and bewildered people to the point that they’ve gone to the foremost expert on the topic, Google, to find the solution. And find it they did, right here.

So what is this issue, so important, so relevant, that has people worldwide confounded? It’s (drum roll) how to get tulips to stand up in a vase, also known as the solving the dreaded floppy tulip syndrome. Yes, not quite as impressive as curing cancer, but still a burning problem for many, and I’ve been able to solve it here. My work on earth is now complete.

So how do I know this? Thanks to the WordPress Stats Monkeys (their name for themselves, not mine) I have my finger on the pulse of what internet search terms have led people to Huffygirl’s Blog. At least once a day, often more,  someone searches on the terms “floppy tulips” “why do tulips flop over” “tulips won’t stand up in vase” “tulips flopping over” “tulips flopped over after cutting” “tulips flopping down” and so on. You’d think that political candidates would be promoting their floppy tulip policy, congresspersons would be passing laws against floppy tulips, and world summits would be convened to solve this pressing problem, as it clearly is an issue for many, that does not ever go away.

Tulip bouquet

So, with Valentine’s Day just around the corner, and all the folks who ordered tulips instead of roses needing to know how to get these things to stand up in the vase and not look like they brought home cheap flowers, I am once again coming to the rescue. Take a look at my solution here, and more on this pressing problem soon.

© Huffygirl 2012

How to cure floppy tulip syndrome

14 thoughts on “The most pressing conundrum of 2011?

    • Yes, I’ve had that happen too. Even the floppy tulip post I sort of dashed off on a whim, because it was the first time I tried adding photos to my posts, and I had that nice vase of tulips to photograph … and it just sort of snowballed from there.

    • With all the drama I’ve had with squirrels trying to keep them out of my birdseed, I’m convinced that there is not stopping them. If they’re determined to do something, whether it’s steal the birdseed or eat your tulips, there is nothing humane that will stop them. I’ve seen bunnies bite off my outdoor tulips, but I’ve never seen the squirrels to it. Lucky for them, probably, that I’ve not caught them at it.

  1. So funny. I totally understand. I started my blog not knowing where I’d end up theme-wise. I knew I’d probably always explore various topics, and that my fiction writing experiences would get some coverage, too. Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine that my post Migliaccio (Italian Farina Custard) would be my number one post. Go figure.

    • I know exactly what you’re saying. The other one of mine that shows up in Google searches daily was “Sad panda”, something I wrote on a whim because my son kept going around the house using the expression “sad panda.” Anyway, glad you mentioned the custard, because somehow I missed that post before.

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