A quick primer on floppy tulip syndrome just in time for Valentine’s Day

Don’t want your tulips flopping over in the vase? Here’s the quick skinny on what to do.

Buy good quality tulips – buds tightly closed, brightly colored, without any fraying on the edges.  Protect them from extreme cold or heat on the trip home. Don’t leave them sitting in the car while you’re running errands.

Add glass floral marbles and a couple of old copper pennies (prior to 1982) to the bottom of the vase. The marbles support the stems; the copper from the pennies, at least in theory, supports stem strength.

Arrange the tulips one by one, gently placing each stem within the support marbles.Cut at least 1-3 inches off the stems depending on the height of your vase. A short vase and tall tulips will guarantee flopping.

The tulips may look a little floppy at first, but should straighten up after a little time in the water.


Happy Valentine’s Day!

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Huffygirl: How to cure floppy tulip syndrome

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12 thoughts on “A quick primer on floppy tulip syndrome just in time for Valentine’s Day

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  2. Not come across that one before.. Interesting tip. Of course I buy flowers for my lovely Lady and she then leaves them out of water overnight 😦 Fortunately I usually buy things like Carnations but if there are Roses in the bunch, their heads droop quicker than anything! When you say old copper pennies, I was intrigued to see copper items that bear no relationship to what I call Pennies 😉 I didn’t know you referred to those US coins as Pennies!

    • Hmm, somehow you’ve got to convince your Lady to put the flowers in water.

      Glad I could give you the primer on pennies. Our penny is one cent. Some stores have a penny tray at the register so when people are paying their bill, if they are one penny short, they can take one out of the tray, instead of fishing through their pockets for 15 minutes looking for one more penny. Other people save pennies in jars and take them to the coin machine for “real money” when the jar is full. Some people don’t consider pennies “real money” because they are only one cent, and can’t be used in parking meters or vending machines. But get 100 of them and you have a dollar. Sometimes I’ve taken a jar of pennies and odd coins to the coin machine and been pleasantly surprised to get back $8-12 that was painless collected over time by saving pennies.

  3. Good tips. I love buying tulips right about now to make me think that spring is just around the corner, which, of course, it’s really not. But mine don’t last very long. I guess the ones I get at Trader Joe’s cannot be classified as top quality! I wonder if I can find those glass marbles at Target?

    • I have found the glass marbles in discount department stores like Target and Meijer, either in the section with the flowers, or in the “home accent” section, with picture frames and candles and such. I’ve also seen them in craft stores like Michael’s and Hobby Lobby.

      I usually buy tulips at the grocery store, so you should be able to find good ones at Trader Joe’s. I think the key is getting them the day they are delivered. they probably don’t bring them in on the weekends, so if you’re buying them on Saturday or Sunday, they may have been sitting there for a few days. Usually my grocery store tulips will look good 4-7 days, which is pretty good for a $5-$7 bouquet. Anyway, life is too short to NOT buy flowers, so even a few days of enjoying them is worth it.

      • Maybe I asked you this before? Where do you live in Michigan? Assuming it’s in the Lower. Anywhere near Port Huron? I grew up in the Thumb and sometimes miss it.

      • NO, I am in southwest Michigan, closer to Lake Michigan than Lake Huron. Although, I have visited Port Huron and camped there. We had a good time, but the rocky beaches on that side of the state surprised us. We are spoiled by our sugar sand beaches and picturesque dunes over here.

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