Pilgrim’s progress?

The Pilgrims were the first American settlers.

Their life was difficult. They endured hunger, illness, hardship and even death.

They met Native Americans who helped them learn to farm, hunt and fish.

At the end of their first year in America, the Pilgrims were grateful to God for  helping them survive. Their harvest, though meager, would help them live another year.

In celebration of their gratitude, they had a feast with their Native American friends.

The first settlers never forgot to be grateful. After their year of hardship, they had a greater appreciation of the necessities of life: food, shelter, friends and health. Their celebration of gratitude continued year after year. This annual fall celebration came to be called Thanksgiving.

So what does any of this have to do with waiting in line at midnight to save money on a TV?

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24 thoughts on “Pilgrim’s progress?

  1. Why is the pilgrim on his back in the second picture?(death?)in the next to last picture the yellow and red warrior Indians are on the attack.Very realistic-they had to defend themselves too! Thanks for history lesson!

    • The Pilgrim on his back is either ill or dead – you decide. It could be that he is just ill and later recovered, as he does show up in the subsequent part of the story. Or more likely, he is dead, and the Pilgrims in the subsequent pictures are other Pilgrims who happen to look just like him. I had to work with the limited resources I had, after all 🙂

      While some might contend that the Native Americans had their arms raised in fighting, I contend that they were in fact raising their arms to cheer on the Lions, as everyone knows the Lions have been playing football on Thanksgiving day since the beginning of time.

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  3. It would seem that the pilgrim lying on his back could not be dead, as he makes a comeback in subsequent photos. Either that, or we have another Lazarus story in the New World.

    I’m just glad the indians taught the pilgrims how to make candy turkeys so the tradition could be passed on to Aunt Donna! 😉

    • Yes it was good of the Indians to pass on that tradition. Must be the Keebler elves were settlers too, because they make the cookies for the turkeys.

      I think the Pilgim lying on his back was ill, and recovered. Thank goodness he made it through the first year.

  4. Snorting good fun, Huffy. I’m just catching up and this added a bit of hysteria to my day. 🙂

    Regarding all that Black Friday nonsense, it’s like War of the Worlds with aliens descending on the planet. I totally can’t relate. In fact, I don’t leave the house. 🙂

    • Glad to hear it Margaret. As you can probably tell, I’m pretty opposed to the way the whole Black Friday shopping thing has escalated. I try to stay home. I went to the gym early, then got a manicure after – the place was deserted – just the way I like it.

  5. That turkey looks yummy. I’m not sure what Black Friday has to do with Thanksgiving, either. It’s a bit ironic. We’re supposed to be thankful for what we have, but then the next day we all rush out to be tons more stuff.

  6. You know, the Pilgrims really weren’t the first settlers. Norsemen set up colonies in NE Canada several hundred years before the Pilgrims and Jamestown VA and Santa Fe NM were settled more than a decade before Massachusetts. I have no idea why they don’t get any cred.

    • Maybe because no one has little Norsemen figures to pose in creative photos. Really Steve, I can’t go back and redo all those pictues with little Norwegians – that’s just too much work. Maybe you’d like to reconsider your theory about the first settlers, and go with the Pilgrims after all 🙂

      • Excellent point! It has probably been the long-standing figurine lobby that has washed history a little bit. Or the buckle-hat lobby.

        All I know is I’m glad there’s turkey… 😉

  7. Those are awesome little cookie turkeys. Thoroughly enjoyed the cute reenactment of the first Thanksgiving! I’m with you on the subject of Black Friday… I didn’t go anywhere near the stores. People get too crazy trying to grab the “bargains” before they’re all gone.

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