Blizzard schmizzard

Snowflake. Small microscope kept outdoors. Sna...

Snowflake up close. (Photo courtesy of Wikipedia)

Here in the midwest everyone is acting like a bunch of pansies over a predicted snowstorm that has not yet materialized. Maybe it will turn out to be the mother of all blizzards, but at the moment, it’s maybe an inch of accumulation and a pretty respectable wind, but nothing we Midwesterners shouldn’t be able to handle. After all, it’s winter; it’s SUPPOSED  to snow here, and frankly recent weather has not been helping us uphold our winter reputation.

Midwesterners used to take a good old-fashioned blizzard in stride. Even as recently as the blizzard of 1978 (three feet of snow, we couldn’t get out of our driveway for a week) folks just did not carry on and over-react like they do now. The weather folks have been circling the wagons for days. Before even one flake of snow had fallen today, schools, churches and the like were posting cancellations for the next day. By 3 o’clock today (before any snow had fallen) my director called to tell me we were taking a snow day – for tomorrow.

What is wrong with we Midwesterners? We used to be tough. We used to take a little snow in stride. We used to get out our shovels and dig, even if it did take a week to clear the driveway. We pulled our sleds down the one clear lane of the street and walked to the store, for what might be the last gallon of milk in town, but we did not panic. We did not over-hype. We just soldiered on.

Well, no longer. Now we have 24-hour weather channels with attractive weather persons, five meteorologists on every local station, and Doppler radar. We predict, analyze and  over-analyze. We whip ourselves into a panic over the impending big blizzard, which 95% of the time does not materialize as hyphed.

I’ll tell you what my weather channel is – the back window. I shovel a path to the bird feeder and glance out the window each morning. If the path is still clear, I figure “good to go.” (My husband however, has a whole different take on weather, which deserves its own post someday.) 

Midwesterners, it’s time to buck up I say. Stop being sissies. Take the weather as it comes, because, after all, it’s not like we can do anything to stop it. Man up. Woman up. Be, for a god’s sake, a REAL Midwesterner!

PS: If this does turn out to be the big one, I’ll post pictures of myself shoveling tomorrow. 😦 Early reports from the Weather Panic Channel, er Weather Channel, are proving me wrong! I guess if Chicago closes Lake Shore Drive, it probably really IS bad weather. 🙂

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13 thoughts on “Blizzard schmizzard

  1. Huffygirl, let me lay out some informational nuggets for you:
    –19.5 inches of snow at Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport as of 9 a.m. on Wednesday. The weather service ranks that accumulation third behind 23 inches in 1967 and 21.6 inches in 1999.
    –Friend Liz in Chicago suburbs hasn’t had heat since 9 last night. She has an infant daughter and it took her husband 3 hours to shovel out the driveway so they could make it to her mom’s house (where there is heat.)
    –Rolling blackouts in Dallas. Friend Carrie got heat back on only to use her hair dryer on the pipes so they wouldn’t freeze.
    –HIGH of -2 in Denver yesterday. Low was -25 and that was without windchill. Schools were closed because exposed skin could freeze in a matter of minutes.
    –Wisconsin is in a formal state of emergency. They had to call in the National Guard.
    –Friend Minesh in NW Indiana has 5 ft. drifts at his house and he’s been shoveling since the start.

    My point is that this storm is bad and press is deserved. I don’t think these people are being “sissies.” You need to take your lumps on this one–I think the crow you’ll be eating may be served frozen. 🙂

    • Hmm, didn’t know you read my blog. I don’t disagree that the storm was very bad in many areas, as you cite. Chicago in particular was hit hard (that is the one I hear the most about on the news in my area) and I’m glad you were not there to endure it. I was only speaking of my city, where it did indeed turn out to be over-hyped.

      It is also important to remember that this is satirical blog of lighthearted musings on life and does not purport itself to be a news blog. Thanks for sharing your comments.

    • I did and it does indeed. I used the term Midwesterners to identify myself so as not to inform the blogosphere of my exact location. Guess I could have used Michiganders instead since it’s no secret that I live in Michigan – just did not want to pinpoint it too much. Your point is well-taken and I’ll have to clarify that in follow-up.

  2. Some of you, especially Chicago had some bad weather and deep snow! In support of huffygirl the whole time I read her blog I found myself agreeing and applauding her comments. I too am in SW MI and our weather broadcasters are notorious for sensationalizing the weather, often for things that never materialize. We got 8″- 9″ and like huffygirl said, “We expect that here!” No need for the hype! Sure, flat, rural areas had blowing that created deep drifts, but common sense tells us to be aware of cold, drifting snow.

    Loved your bird photos and especially loved the lighthouse coated with ice! That’s a very cool perspective! It’s nice to discover a blogger nearby, we took winter photos of that lighthouse on our recent sunny Sunday!

    • Thanks for your comments. I’m glad you liked the photos. It’s amazing that you were just at the same lighthouse taking pics not to long ago. Maybe we’ll run into each other sometime – a guided coincidence perhaps? (see I did read your blog!)

  3. Hi huffygirl. Perspective / agreement from Toronto…we did get a lot of snow, but not more than usual for this time of year. The plows were out, the roads were cleared, and life went on. It was painful shovelling the driveway (for hubby, not me!) but not unexpected.

    I hate when they say on the weather / traffic reports from 7-9am:
    1. don’t go out if you don’t need to
    2. leave a lot of extra time

    People who are on the road commuting to work because they have a job they need to get to don’t need to hear they should have left earlier. It’s not helpful telling people these things when they are already in deadly slow rush hour traffic.

    It’s cold, yes. As I told my Little One today, “put on your boots and hat and get going!”

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