Blizzard or Schmizzard – you decide

The Great blizzard of 1978. Taken on Maple Str...

The great blizzard of 1978 (Photo courtesy of Wikipedia)

Well, it’s time to weigh in on the recent snow and cold that swept the country the past couple days. In my corner of the state, it did indeed turn out to be over-hyped: 6-8 inches of snow, lots of cold wind and drifting, but hey it’s Michigan, and nothing we can’t handle. Certainly not the blizzard of 1967, where we had over a foot of snow in 4 hours, schools closed for over two weeks, and folks like me and my family literally snowbound for days. Certainly not the blizzard of 1978 where our driveway was drifted in with 3-4 feet of snow and the only traffic on main streets for several days was sleds and snowmobiles.

Huffygirl shoveling our little bit of snow. (Photo: Huffygirl)

As we’ve seen on the news, other places across the county were hit very hard with extreme cold, snow and ice. What was your experience where you are? Did your weather turn out to be over-hyped, or snowmageddon? Blizzard or schmizzard – let me know what you decide.

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21 thoughts on “Blizzard or Schmizzard – you decide

  1. We’ve had snow and/or ice just about every week for the past month. SICK OF IT! I miss my outdoor exercise routine. There’s only so many times you can watch an exercise video before you want to strangle the perky person leading it.

    • Definitely with you on the perky exercise videos. Even Tony Horton, who goes for hokey instead of perky, you can only take so much. Don’ know if you’re a runner, but in my running days (long gone I’m afraid) I did run outside in most kinds of weather. Not sure I could do it now though. I miss biking and am currently doing my biking in the basement – not quite as good but takes less time. Maybe your snow and ice will be gone soon.

  2. We had some snow….I’ve seen way more in the past few years. I kept listening to the tv as they told me how I was getting blizzard conditions…and I looked out the window to a gentle snow and a slight breeze. Perhaps there are two South Havens – one made for tv, and one made for real life.

    • That may be exactly what’s going on. My latest theory – the TV folks are too young to have ever experienced a real blizzard. They probably were not around or not old enough to remember 1967 or 1978. Maybe that is why they over-hype the current weather – they have not experience with REAL bad weather to compare it with.

  3. Let me just tell you…we had smowmageddon HYPE! It all began on Wednesday with rolling blackouts due to a couple of power plants being down. Then the weather men starting predicting EXTREME weather conditions for Thursday and 1-3″ of snow for Friday. Yes that is inches, LOL! What we got was alot of people over-reacting. However, we do have iced roads today and the city has come to a stand still. Truth be told, I was looking forward to a little sprinking of the white stuff. It makes for great pictures on the otherwise barren landscape. C’est la vie! Schmizzard. Great Post!

    • Thanks. Saw the pictures on your blog – the frozen fountain doesn’t look like a good thing. We ended up with about a foot of snow here over 24 hours – more than I thought when I wrote the last 2 blogs, but still not what I would call “blizzard.”

  4. We had a mess; quick mass of snow and blowing winds. All area schools–including ND–were closed Wednesday, all libraries, government offices, the mall–and McDonalds! If McDonalds closes, you know it’s bad!
    Thursday was digging-out day; most schools still closed, but businesses open.

    • Sounds like it was worse there. We actually did end up with 12 inches but I never had to go out in it, so it did not seem as impressive. When I did go out on Thursday I could see the town had been pretty snowed in with lots of big snowpiles everywhere.

  5. Hype here in Toronto. Lots of snow, but not all in one day, just snow every couple days for the past 30 days.

    It is VERY cold (0F) for days, then warms up (about 28F) for a day and then cold again. The cold is making people hibernate more than the snow.

    No school closings in our area yet, but this week some of them did close. My son’s school has been open for 50 years and has never closed for a snow day!

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