Weekly Photo Challenge: Fall

Lone red leaf.

The faces of fall in Michigan

I always mourn the passing of summer a little bit, because I hate to see the end of enjoying days spent outside, walking on a warm Lake Michigan beach, biking until after 9 PM, gardening in our back yard, and just for a short time, not freezing to death every day of my life as I do the rest of the year. The consolation  is that fall in Michigan is a beautiful time. The air has the crisp autumn smell of leaves and chill. The trees take their time changing colors, so one can enjoy them for a while. The apple crop is finally ready, and for a couple of months we can eat fresh instead of storage apples, and bake all sorts of delicious apple deserts.

Here in Michigan, it’s too early to find a dramatic display of fall colors, so I’ve brought you a little bit of all the tastes of early fall. Enjoy.

Autumn Joy, my favorite

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24 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Fall

  1. Ah, how I miss the beautiful fall colors of eastern North America. Out west, we don’t get the variety of reds so much, because we don’t have maple trees (or not very many anyhow) – the weather is too harsh and dry, I believe. Although you’d never prove it by the flooding in the prairies this year.

    A lovely display of pics and autumn in all its eastern glory. Thanks, HG.

  2. A beautiful display of fall! I’m waiting for the trees in Missouri to change color too. I tried to take photos of the Autumn Joy Sedum in our backyard yesterday, but there was a swarm of bees hovering around. So, I just took a few pics from a safe distance away. Take care. -Theresa 🙂

    • Thanks Theresa. I think your spirea turned out to be a great fall subject, since you couldn’t get close to the sedum. The downside of sedum is that it’s covered with bees 90% of the time. I got lucky with mine – I think the bees were gone when I snapped these because the weather was so cool.

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  4. Thanks so much for sharing. The Autumn Joy photo is stunning. I have the same nostalgic feeling every year at this time. I drive through a beautiful valley every day and right now it is lush and green and the colors are starting to turn. Soon, it will be bleak and frozen and treacherous. I better capture the beauty to enjoy for the next few months!

    • Why thank you for such kind words Techy! I’m already feeling the loss of the warm weather, even though we had a bonus day this week of weather unexpectedly good enough for biking. I wonder if your winters are even worse than they are here? I’m certainly not looking forward to mine.

  5. Drat! I was traveling when this challenge was offered and missed it. Guess I can still post my fall pictures. Yours are lovely! I’m crazy about fall, too, especially since we left San Antonio and I actually get one now.

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