Carbon Footprint

The leaves of spring now lost and faded,

Colors waning, green gone jaded.

Now give way to colors new, yellow, red and autumn hues.

Once fresh and living, now gone dry, tumbling from our autumn sky.

Now the leaves have turned to fall, carbon footprints, one and all.

© Huffygirl 2012

(Carbon Footprint, original poem by Huffygirl, © 2012)

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14 thoughts on “Carbon Footprint

    • Exactly. Thank Sharon. The last photo is what inspired me to do the rest. I loved those leaf shadows I found all over my patio – formerly vibrant leaves now turned to carbon shadows.

  1. Brilliant, HG! Such lovely vibrant colors, all in various stages of turning to decay, and the most beautiful of all…the carbon footprint. You should put out a book with your pictures, poems, and some of your blogs that are illustrated by beautiful pictures.

  2. Beautiful all around, Donna. I’m trying to embrace these later stages of autumn in which the color and light are fading – I bet another poem and some more photos from you would help…!

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