Weekly Photo Challenge: Mountains

Upper lake, Killarney National Park, Ireland (© Huffygirl)

 Some Mountains!

© Huffygirl 2011


14 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Mountains

  1. I just visited Yosemite National Park this spring and now I want to visit other National parks in the US. Seeing this picture now makes me think I should add the parks of Ireland to my list. Thanks for sharing.

    • I hope you get there. When we were there we were traveling with friends, so did not get a chance to really explore the park like we would have wanted to. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

      • Oh, I thought it would be nearby. I’ve never been to such a place. I’d say you were lucky to have such a place near your home. 🙂

      • It would be lucky to have a place like that close by. There are some beautiful spots in Michigan where I live (did you see my photos of Mackinac Island?) but unfortunately we do not have mountains here. These mountains are an 8-hour plane ride away!

      • I know! I finally just stopped taking pictures after awhile because we’d go around the bend and there would be yet another unbelievably gorgeous scene, and I’d think, “Yeah, show me something I haven’t seen.”

    • Yes, I was. It was my first, and hopefully not last trip to a Europeon country. And now I have a collection of photos that have come in handy for these photo challenges. I hope to get back some day.

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