Weekly Photo Challenge: Entrance

 What an entrance! At best husband’s suggestion, I’m dipping into my Ireland photo collection once again for this week’s photo challenge. This is the entrance to Glendalough Monastery, home of St. Kevin of Ireland and his merry band of monks. Well, okay, maybe they weren’t merry, because after all, being a monk is serious business. Why the double gates? Besides the fact that it makes a better picture, and I’m sure St. Kevin was all about the photo ops, the double gates may have been for better security, as back then everyone was always sacking and looting each other. Guess the gates did not help, as the monastery was later destroyed by the English in 1398. Despite the English conquest, many buildings remain and there’s much for visitors of Glendalough to explore. St. Kevin’s mark is evident, as just about everything there is named “St. Kevin’s bed,” or “St. Kevin’s chair” to the point that I wondered why is it we hear so much about St. Patrick, when apparently St. Kevin was quite renowned. Probably because St. Kevin does not have a day dedicated to drinking associated with his name! 🙂

Unidentified grave, traditionally thought to be St. Kevin's

St. Kevin's ducks of course!

Reefert Church ruin; this archway mirrors the monastery entrance

And one more entrance that I’m hoping no one needs to enter soon – an ancient crypt on Valencia Island.

Open ancient crypt, Valencia Island, Ireland

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21 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Entrance

    • I didn’t know you were Irish Sandra. One of these days I’m posting my Ireland photo journal. However, I’ve used a lot of Ireland photos lately for the photo challenges, so maybe there won’t be any left that I haven’t already used.

    • It’s a Kodak Easy Share DX6490 with 10x zoom – one of the earlier Kodak digital cameras. I bought it in 2004, so digital cameras have become much more advanced since. Am probably about due for a newer model.

  1. These are great! I have pictures from Glendalough from 40 years ago; one is the small chapel or hut. I wonder if it’s still there; maybe I’ll get to Ireland again to check it out.

    • There was a couple different ruined churchs at Glendalough. I think Wikepedia said there was originally 7 churches there. I liked visiting there, except it’s one of those places that bring in bus loads of tourists.

  2. Yes! It’s St. Kevin’s Church; still have a photo in the closet somewhere. Now I really want to get back; I forgot how great it all was.

  3. It was many years ago. Who knows maybe you just didn’t get down that street, or it was changed. That picture was the central, and largest framed print (had it printed in a large formate) in my one woman show in Dublin, Ireland at the Gaiety Theatre. It sold the 2nd night of the show to a man who had to take it then because he was going back to England.

      • That was a long time ago and I don’t do any photography like that anymore. Costs too much. Photography or writing doesn’t go anywhere when you don’t have the right opportunities to make a living at it. All my work life has been working in the corp world especially when i have to support myself.

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