Jiminy Cricket!

Jiminy Grasshopper, actually. I found this little guy enjoying a cool rest among my flowers last week while we were having an oppressive heat wave. I’m still not sure if he was there to eat my plants or just enjoy the cool moisture of this flower pot. Either way, as he obliging posed for me, I let him be.

After a few shots, Jiminy tired of being my subject, and began to retreat.

I got the message and left him alone. At least until I see him again some day.

(Hey Jiminy Grasshopper, I CAN still see you!)

© Huffygirl 2012

16 thoughts on “Jiminy Cricket!

    • He was more of the yellow variety, and seemed more of a hard shell. I’ve seen the bright green ones too and they seem to have more of a soft skin. So I don’t know if I’ve incorrectly identified him, or if he’s just a different kind. Too bad they don’t come with labels.

  1. Cute little fella. I had insomnia the other night and spent some time looking up insect sounds to try to figure out what the heck that “quacking” sound is coming from the trees. No, it’s not a duck. I don’t think it’s cicadas or crickets either. Any ideas?

    • That’s a puzzle Margaret. Tree frogs maybe? We don’t have the annual cicadas here, but I’ve visited places that have them and they are deafeningly loud. Are they only making noise at night? Over here, our main night time noise is a cricket, but most people recognize that sound right away.

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