Weekly Photo Challenge: Hidden

When we traveled to Ireland a few years ago, my favorite stops were gardens and ruins. I was always looking for the secret part – the out of the way doorway, the back parts of the ruined castles, the secret garden that somehow all the other tourists missed. I guess I’m always hoping to discover something that no one else has seen – the mystery seeker in me. Unfortunately, when I do discover that secret door or gate, it’s almost always locked. Here’s a few of my favorite hidden spots from my Ireland photo diary.

The very back corner of Bunratty Garden (© Huffygirl 2011)

Notice the padlock on the door – foiled! 

Dungeon steps at The Black Abbey? ( © Huffygirl 2011)

See the authentic ancient plastic bottle on the steps? Must have been left from one of the sieges.  I wanted to make this shot look like steps leading down to a dungeon. Unfortunately, there was no dungeon at the Black Abbey. This was a set of steps leading up from the cloisters to one of the side buildings.  Not wanting to be undone, I stood at the top of the steps and shot the picture looking down into the dark cloister, giving the effect of steps going down to a dungeon.

Hidden gate at the Dower House Garden of Kilkenny Castle (© Huffygirl 2011)

This gate was pretty well-hidden, in the far back corner of  the Dower House garden at Kilkenny Castle.  I framed the photo with the foliage, trying to make it look like a gate to a secret garden, rather than the garden maintenance shed that it really was.

© Huffygirl 2011


26 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Hidden

  1. What exists down there?
    I usually don’t find any interest in visiting historical places, but I find ruins interesting. Possibly because I’ve read so many mystery stories that end up in old buildings. 😉

    Something I shouldn’t be telling you: I’m always jealous at your photos. You shoot really well!

    • Why thank you Sajib, although I must say I’ve seen some pretty great photos on your blog.

      I thought the ruins and castles of Ireland were fascinating. My country is not as old as Europe, so we don’t have castles and ancient ruins.

  2. Lovely photos. We biked County Kerry 27 years ago w/ our ten speeds! I still remember the one long day in the rain when we had to get back to Dublin. Would love to go back there now with our road bikes.

    • You were brave to bike in Ireland. We found just driving there frightening. I think I would always be on the wrong side of the road. However, the Irish people were so kind and friendly, I’m sure they’d overlook it.

  3. You do a very good job of seeing something no one else has seen with your great photos that demonstrate fresh perspectives. Nice!

    • Thanks Cecelia. In retrospect, I think I should have cropped the top part of the picture, making it look more like a walled gate and less like a building, but that one is my favorite too either way.

    • Why thank you. Visiting Ireland was a great opportunity. It’s a good thing I went too, because the photos I took there come in very handy for these photo challenges. Thanks for stopping by my blog and sharing your comment – hope to see you again.

  4. So pretty. That reminds me of why I like Thomas Kinkade paintings because he has all these little details you don’t notice the first time you look. I like to scan the painting and find all kinds of hidden details most likely missed.

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