Tired of being single? Not finding your perfect mate on traditional dating websites. Don’t worry. Now there’s Matchkea. Forget online singles sites. Matchkea is a personal, on-location singles hangout. At Matchkea, you can meet potential dates discreetly, in person, and best of all, for free. 

Interested? How do I sign up for Matchkea?  Forget monthly fees, online applications and dating preference forms. With Matchkea, there’s no sign-up, no contracts, and no deadlines. Simply show up at your local Ikea store, start browsing and mingling among the other customers. Once you see someone who interests you, give them a discreet nod, then head to the coffee area. There, you can get to know your potential mate, mingle among other interesting singles, and maybe pick out a charming coffee table or closet organizer. There’s no way to lose at Matchkea – even if you don’t find your future mate, you’re sure to find a bargain.

Still not sure if Matchkea is right for you? Ask yourself the following screening questions:

1. Are you fed up with online dating service fees and contracts?

2. Are you tired of singles who claim to like “watching sunsets and long walks on the beach” when all they really want is a comfortable sofa and a big-screen TV?

3. Do you enjoy multitasking, and try to get the most out of every shopping trip?

4. Do you long for a partner who appreciates a similar taste in trendy, inexpensive furniture?

If you answered “yes” to one or more of these questions, then Matchkea is definitely for you. Don’t waste any more time with online match sites and speed dating. Head to your nearest Ikea today.

IKEA Regensburg

Trendy retailer, or singles mecca?  Ikea: Home of DIY matchmaking

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27 thoughts on “Matchkea

  1. Nice.

    I’m dating a woman I met at the Costco free-samples stands. It took three different samples before we got on the same wavelength. It was then that I glanced over at her cart and from its contents knew that she was my kind of girl.

    • I think your huband would notice if you start spending a lot of time at Ikea, Margaret. “What, ANOTHER coffee table?”

      I’m with you on 2. What if singles ads said what they were really feeling – “flopping down on the sofa to watch TV” instead of “long walks on the beach”? Might revolutionize the dating scene, and cutback on the divorce rate, because people would know what kind of person they really were marrying. I may have to develop this more…

  2. Donna, this is kind of funny. But I have heard of people meeting their “match” at a grocery store, in their back yard, in church, etc.
    You should suggest your Matchkea to Ikea…let them pay you for a great ad.

      • I hadn’t read that but just did. It doesn’t mention it happening anywhere else besides Shanghai. It seems the people could at least buy one cup of coffee or tea 🙂 But if their finances are really bad I can understand.

      • I think the Shanghai phenomenon occurred because of culture impediments to singles to meet there. In the states, that’s less of an issue, so probably the phenomenon will not catch on here. But in general, I’ve seen from comments that people often find potential mates in common places like grocery stores and Costco. So I guess if you’re single and looking, you should be on your best behavior whenever you’re out, as you’ll never know where you might meet that right person.

  3. I love IKEA – if only there was one near by! And since I’m married, I’d have to leave the cute trendy guy and stick with the cute trendy furnishings – and the Swedish meatballs!

    • There’s meatballs too? That makes it perfect. We don’t have an Ikea near us, so I’m left out too. I’m pretty happy with the husband I have anyway, so I guess I’ll stay away from Ikea.

  4. I took my two sons to our nearest IKEA a couple years ago….. I have yet to find one of the boys…. he is still in there….somewhere…..

    • Hey 2G – I’ve never been to Ikea, so you will have to elaborate on that one for me. Are you suggesting that the Ikea shopping experience is something less than stellar? 🙂

  5. What I like best about IKEA is listening to people talk about how they are going to create a living space with the items they want to buy. IKEA doesn’t just sell furniture, they sell affordable dreams. I can see how shopping for a mate there would work too!

    • That is good to know. I’ve never been in IKEA so I don’t know these things. There aren’t any near where I live, but it sounds like I’ve been deprived, from this retail experience.

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