Mackinac rocks! More backroads views of Mackinac Island

Arch rock viewed from the top. Notice bikes parked on the left at the road below.

Almost everyone who comes to Mackinac Island manages to get to  Arch Rock, a limestone formation atop one of the highest parts of the island. If you don’t

Even these folks! Amish visitors at Arch Rock.

want to hire a carriage ride, bike or walk up one of the steep hills, or climb an arduous set of stairs from the road below, you can always just stop on the road and look up, up, up. Of course you’ll miss the fantastic views you’d see had you gone up to the top.

Lake Huron shoreline seen from Arch Rock.

But very few visitors get to this rock – Cave of the woods. To get there, first bike up a steep hill to the center of the island, the leave the paved roads behind for a short ride up a gravel road into the woods, then get off your bike to hike a muddy trail about a quarter-mile. You’ll get to see this cave, plus the crack in the island, a fissure in the limestone rock deep enough to stand in. (Unfortunately the fantastic pictures I took at the crack in the island were stolen by vampires.)

Cave of the woods - tall enough to sit inside.

 But the biggest, baddest rock formation at Mackinac Island is Sugar Loaf Rock. Located at the highest part of the island, Sugar Loaf is a dramatic breccia mass rising 75 feet above the ground, and is the island’s largest limestone stack. A bike ride or long walk will get you up the hill to this highest point to see it. But be sure to bring your map – there’s no crowds up there to lead the way.

Sugar Loaf Rock, 75 feet of limestone

Hey Huffygirl, no climbing allowed!

Next: Mackinac Island architecture.

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12 thoughts on “Mackinac rocks! More backroads views of Mackinac Island

    • It is exponentially more crowded than it was when we visited as kids. Everytime we’re there we curse the hapless tourists who stop biking in the middle of the road without warning, or leave their bikes PARKED in the middle of the road, yet we still love it and keep going back. I had the good fortune of attending the internal medicine conference there, so we can mix business with pleasure.

  1. I totally envy you! Is there any minor league baseball anywhere within a 3-4 hr distance from Mackinac? I could probably squeeze in a quick visit on a future baseball road trip if there are any teams nearby. 🙂

    • There is a minor league team in Grand Rapids, the White Caps, I think. That is about 3 1/2 hours south of the bridge, where you get the ferry to Mackinac Island. Would that work? Then of course there is our major league team, the Detroit Tigers – probably 4+ hours from the bridge.

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