View from the bottom: The crack in the island

Visitors to Mackinac Island who are willing to venture off the typical tourist path, can see an interesting and isolated treasure – a 15-foot or so fissure in the  ground, deep enough for small to average-sized adults to walk through, though sometimes its more like wiggling through sideways. Commonly called “the crack in the island”, this fissure is the result of years of water erosion on the soft limestone surface of the island.

To get to the crack in the island, bike up the longish hill that runs through the middle of the island, British Landing Road. When you reach the back side of the airport, turn right onto gravel State Road, go about a quarter-mile or so until you come to a small woodland trail marked “Cave of the woods and Crack in the Island.” Leave your bikes behind and hike another  quarter-mile past the cave and up a small knoll to the crack. I sent best husband in first to make sure there were no snakes, then we both took our turns walking through this geologic icon.

Just make sure you don’t step in that one really deep part…

(This post is dedicated to my geology-loving sister. Happy birthday Linda!)


19 thoughts on “View from the bottom: The crack in the island

  1. Thanks very much! Now I want to go back to Mackinac, REALLY! Maybe next summer, we can say “yes” to Michigan again.

    • You’re very welcome. I hope you get to go, though it’s a long drive for you. It’s also much more crowded than when went there as kids. Best to stay at least one night overnight if you can, so you can experience it after the crowds go home.

    • Thanks Susan. NO, I’ve never had a worst husband – he is the only one I’ve ever had, and worth keeping. I had to come up with something to call him when I first started this blog and wasn’t sure if I wanted to use his name – so that’s what I came up with. Although, I guess it does imply that I’ve had a bunch of husbands and he is the best of the lot. Makes me sound mysterious, or maybe just unlucky. 🙂

    • Ouch, never thought of that one. That would be the end of Huffygirl’s Blog for sure, not to mention that two perfectly good bikes would sit up there in the middle of the woods for who knows how long.

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