Okay Honey, you can bring the blueberries in from the snow now


The pesky culprits (Image courtesy of Wikipedia)

Today’s the big day. The freezer is being delivered. It’s just a small chest freezer, but big enough to hold all the food a family of three could possibly need, plus the jumbo box of waffles, the family pack of Popsicles, and all the bread I’ve baked this week. I could probably get a small turkey in there too if I wanted.. and I’d still have room for 10  pounds of blueberries. Who could possibly need all those blueberries, you might ask? My excellent husband, the blueberry king. Every summer he brings home 10 pounds of blueberries from the market, with plans to make blueberry pie, blueberry muffins, blueberry coffee cake and fruit salads laced with blueberries. And every year in the following July, just before the new blueberry crop appears, he does. In a fit of blueberry mania, he takes the blueberries he’s been saving for the better part of a year, and finally uses them in a cornucopia of blueberry baked delights, just  in time to fill my freezer up again. And again, and again. This has gone on for some time.

Finally, earlier this winter, something came over me. It happened shortly after we’d been watching an episode of The Middle, the show about a middle class family with eccentric kids and goofy parents. In this episode, the parents decided to take back their house from the kids. They made the kids pick up their kid clutter, clean their rooms, and stop hogging the TV, and for one episode their house looked like an ordinary middle-class home where the parents were in charge, instead of one taken over by teens.

Shortly after that I was trying in vain to fit groceries into our already bulging freezer, and it hit me. These blueberries were robbing me of my freezer space, and nobody was even eating them. “I’m taking back the freezer,” I shouted as I packed the blueberries into a large plastic bin and took them outside into the very cold wintry night, while my husband stood by in open-mouthed disbelief, watching his favorite fruit sent packing.

Fortunately for my excellent husband, this winter was especially cold and snowy, keeping his blueberries perfectly cryogenically preserved deep in the snow bank. Until today. Today he can go out into the snow, and rescue the blueberries, and bring them in to their new home, where they’ll sit until July. when the cycle begins anew. Maybe this year he’ll decide to bring home 20 pounds…

7 thoughts on “Okay Honey, you can bring the blueberries in from the snow now

  1. Mmmm…blueberries….fond memories of picking them in the summertime while camping in New Hampshire as a child.
    You have a husband who like to bake, with blueberries? Where can I get one of those?

    • It’s too bad I can’t loan him out to you – just for the baking part I mean! 🙂 Actually, I think they broke the mold when they made my husband. He cooks, bakes, does dishes, vacuums, is good with pets and kids and picks up after himself better than I do. A true gem most of the time, except for when he fills up my freezer space with blueberries.

  2. An old high school friend had a house in Pennsylvania and we’d drive there for the day just to pick blueberries. I used to eat them with heavy cream and sugar or tossed into cereal. Now I just pop them plain. Yummy goodness.

    Huffy, they must have made two before they broke the mold. My husband is Super Stay-at-Home Dad, does all of the above (except baking with blueberries), but comes with shin guards, gloves, and a hockey stick. 😉 He is packaged with his sidekick who is in a permanent sitting position with fingers frozen in a typing pose. Keyboard and half-finished manuscript included. (Warning: Includes small parts; not for children under 3)

    • That’s funny Margaret. I wonder what they’d be like if we got the two of them together – maybe twins separated at birth?

      Judging by how much you love blueberries, though, maybe you married the wrong one. Sounds like you’d get along great with the blueberry king!

    • I really think that you should wait until July like you usually do, but it’s up to you. If you do bake something blueberry-ish, I’ll take pictures and feature the recipe on my blog! That way the readers will know that you really DO use those blueberries!

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