By popular demand…

(Photo: Huffygirl)

The readers have spoken. Despite my attempt to put the Stylish Blogger Award to rest by exposing the 100% true story of the origin of the SBA, it was not enough. Blogger buddy Working Tech Mom has

 pointed out that I’ve deprived my readers of learning seven things about me, and threatened  suggested that something bad may happen to my front bike tire should  I not comply. And, aw heck, it’s a fun thing that I really SHOULD do anyway. 

So, without further ado, here they are, in no particular order,  my nominations for the SBA. Some of these folks are so stylish they’ve been nominated multiple times, but I think they’re epic enough to handle it.

(Image credit unknown)

  •  Conjuring My Muse Margaret Reyes Dempsey, published fiction author and technical writer, shows off her creative prose in musings about life.
  • Earthquakes and Rattlesnakes Despite my irrational fear of any kind of snake, rattle or otherwise, I enjoy Zahara’s folksy takes on life, peppered with original photographs.
  •  Working Tech Mom   Classy Canadian Techy writes about balancing life, career and family, interspersed with amazing photos and cheery art. 
  •  Garden Muse Cindy Dyer’s amazing botanical photography makes you feel like summer is already here.
  • Todd Pack’s Messy Desk  What’s not to like about a guy who describes himself as “… more Mayberry and sweet tea than NASCAR and rasslin’.” Up here in Michigan, you just don’t hear the word rasslin’ enough. Todd’s writings remind me of my own – good-natured comments on life and family.

And, drumroll – seven things you might not know about me:

  • I have green eyes – not immediately obvious, because they’re smoky-green with cinnamon-brown centers
  • I want to learn piano, but have been paralyzed by my almost dyslexic inability to read music. I have yet to find a piano teacher who understands this.
  • As part of my quest to improve my cycling skills, last year I participated in

    Triathlon girl

    my very first triathlon. I was the biking leg of a three person relay team. Unfortunately  speedy swimmer Pete and fast runner Dave were slowed down by my dismal slog, but I hope to improve my time, maybe this year. 

  • Whenever I travel I compare the beaches I see to my Lake Michigan beaches at home.  So far I’ve not seen a beach that surpasses my home favorites. If there is one out there, please let me know where.
  • I honed my writing skills in Catholic grade school, under the tutelage of  nuns who made us diagram sentences, and refined them under my 1oth and 11th grade English teacher, Ethel N.
  • I’m one of those old-fashioned women who was a stay-at-home mom for years, and enjoyed just about every minute of it.
  • I was always the quiet, nerdy girl in school.

And so, I’ve fulfilled my requirements. Hopefully, my front bike tire will remain safe. And the Stylish Blogger Award will go on.


6 thoughts on “By popular demand…

  1. All I remember about Lake Michigan is that it was freezing cold in the middle of summer. Of course you can’t go by me since I need bathwater temperatures to want to swim (I use the word loosely). My pool goes unused by me most of the summer.

    Congrats on the triathlon. That’s exciting.

    Thanks for the mention.

    • Swimming in Lake Michigan is definitely not for the faint of heart. It’s so cold at the beginning of the summer that I can only wade in. If we have a warm summer we’ll be able to get in all the way by mid to late July. But here in Michigan we keep reminding ourselves that just a couple months earlier it was frozen, so by comparrison, June seems pretty warm.

      I hope to try the triathlon again this summer if I can get my team to do it again. I’m not a runner or a swimmer, so the only way I can do it is with teammates. They were pretty good sports about it.

  2. I really do appreciate you giving me this award, huffygirl! It’s really good to know someone is reading the blog and doesn’t think it’s awful. 🙂

    P.S. I like your Scrabble-tile award logo better than the official one. Would you mind if I use it?

  3. A Special thanks to WTM for making you spill the beans! Great post! A Triathelete huh? That is awesome! I would love to visit your area of Michigan sometime, it is on my to-do list. One of my good friends in the Air Force was from Beaver Island and he always ranted and raved about the place. I personally would like to take the wife to Mackinack Island sometime and stay at the Grand Hotel. Have a great day HuffyGirl! 🙂

    • Yes, in retrospect I’m glad WTM made me do it. Turned out to be fun after all.

      My husband and I once stayed on Beaver Island. We biked from one end to the other and back on mostly gravel roads – quite a workout. It’s a great place to visit but not much to do there. But we did discover a restaurant there that has the world’s best hamburgers, hands down.

      Mackinac Island is a beautiful place to visit, and would be perfect for you as the best way to get around is by bike. It’s an easy eight mile ride around the island, with some challenging hills on the inner part for those who want to explore. The Grand Hotel would be great get a way I hope you get there some day.

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