Weekly Photo Challenge: Up

It’s a long way up!

(Photo notes: Carrigafoyle Castle ruin, Ireland looking up from ground level on the quay side. I was able to get this shot because the tide was out; otherwise I would have had to wade in – not sure how deep. Glad I didn’t have to find out!) 

© Huffygirl 2011

10 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Up

    • It is! That was one that we could not go inside – the door was locked but I still was trying to see if there was some back way in, because it was so amazing. Guess I should post a picture of the other side which shows the inside, so everyone else can appreciate it.

    • Thanks for your kind comments. We felt really lucky to even find that castle, thanks to the vague directions we’d get in Ireland. And since we knew absolutely nothing about when the tides were high or low, we were doublely lucky!

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