Little bagels? I think not.

Okay, a week ago I didn’t know what a Baggallini was. Last week, while shopping with my sister-in-law who is getting ready for an out of country adventure, she suddenly went into a fit of excitement when she saw a sign outside a store proclaiming that they carried Baggallini. All bets were off as we headed inside. Haplessly, I followed, wondering why anyone would be that excited about miniature bagels. Then, I found out.

Turns out that Baggallini is not a little bagel, but  a whole line of practical and unique purses. But these aren’t just purses – they’re useful purses, with cross-body straps, appurtenances, and zippered pockets. Made of sturdy, lightweight nylon material, Baggallini are designed by flight attendants. Who better to know what kinds of zippers and pockets one needs to make a purse actually useful, especially for travel? But Baggallini are stylish enough to use every day, not just for travel, although Stacy and Clinton, who insist that one’s purse must match one’s outfit, might not agree.

I had been looking for a cross-body purse ever since I had shoulder surgery in January. I still can’t carry a purse on my right shoulder, or anything else for that matter, so I’ve been schlepping around for two and a half  months trying to carry everything in one arm. Hoisting around my somewhat stylish, but way too heavy purse, did not help. Besides carrying the  floppy, heavy purse on my left arm, I was carrying my brief case, lunch bag, extra sweater, papers for work and my other extra sweater. (Okay, so I admit it: I wear two sweaters.) Getting anything out of my purse, unlocking doors, or doing much of anything was difficult. I had searched the major department stores for a cross-body purse that would hold the essentials, yet still be somewhat stylish, to no avail. Everything I found was either too big, too small, too expensive, or just not practical.

But not anymore. The Baggallini is a little small, but I think will do. I had to sacrifice a few things from my old heavy purse to get the essentials in. Extra change, a pack of gum, a few credit cards I never use, checkbook, and a smashed Luna bar wait forlornly in the bottom of my heavy old purse. Maybe I’ll regret not having the Luna bar, but the rest I can probably do without. All in the name of carrying a lighter, efficient purse that doesn’t hurt my poor old shoulder.

Goodbye heavy purse. Hello Baggallini.

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Disclaimer: This is not an ad for Baggallini. It’s just that I’m so darn excited about my efficient new purse!

Huffygirl does not endorse Baggallini or any other products, nor does she receive any incentives for writing about Baggallini.

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The Search for a Warm Coat, Part Deux

Zipper animation

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Round two: The Online Search

I begin my online search at the ever-popular retailer described as an “outdoor outfitter” which for the sake of confidentiality, I’ll call Ebbie Dauer. I’ve had bad luck with the fit of their clothes before and have sworn them off more than once, but since they claim to be an”outdoor outfitter” decide to give them one more try. I order two coats – a lightweight down jacket and a short parka. It takes forever for the package to arrive (which is why this story has been in limbo.) The so-called down jacket which is touted to be good to 30 degrees is very lightweight, with no lining, and for me would be akin to wearing a nylon shell. I put it immediately into the “return” pile.

The parka seems pretty warm – I’m impressed. It is down-filled, has a plush furry lining in the upper part of the jacket and furry-lined pockets. The hood is big and awkward with a mass of goofy-looking fur trim, which fortunately is detachable. Then I try it on. It turns out to be very fitted and I discover that I’m STILL have trouble with the fit of Eddie Bauer, oops I mean Ebbie Dauer clothes. I can zip it up but it’s a close fit – I’ll never be able to wear a sweater under this coat, and I never leave the house in winter without wearing a sweater, so this too goes into the return pile. I also don’t really like the styling – it’s a pretty expensive coat, but it looks like a skiing parka, with lots of extra pockets, zippers and appurtenances. And it doesn’t have a two-way zipper which I consider a major deficiency in any coat with a zipper. How are you supposed to sit down in the coat without being able to unzip the bottom? This is especially important to short people, because the coats always come down lower on us than they do on our tall counterparts.

Next I look online at Land’s End (I’ll skip the pretense of giving the retailers made up names now.) I find a coat very similar to the one I’ve just rejected. It is a short down parka, but looks a little more stylish, lacks the silly appurtenances, AND has a two-way zipper. Also it’s $79 less than the similar version at EB. It claims to be warm down to 0 to -20 degrees, but I always add at least 30 degrees to that claim, which brings it up to 10-30 degrees, which is probably about as good as I can get. So I place the order, and round three begins.–PARKAS&pCategoryId=27301&pCategoryName=WOMENS-OUTERWEAR&gpCategoryId=1&gpCategoryName=EB&catPath=~~categoryId=21153~~categoryName=JACKETS-COATS–PARKAS~~pCategoryId=27301~~pCategoryName=WOMENS-OUTERWEAR~~gpCategoryId=1~~gpCategoryName=EB&viewAll=y–PARKAS&pCategoryId=27301&pCategoryName=WOMENS-OUTERWEAR&gpCategoryId=1&gpCategoryName=EB&catPath=~~categoryId=21153~~categoryName=JACKETS-COATS–PARKAS~~pCategoryId=27301~~pCategoryName=WOMENS-OUTERWEAR~~gpCategoryId=1~~gpCategoryName=EB&viewAll=y

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