I’ve found you Halmanta

"Hello Huffygirl" (Courtesy of Google)

My previous post on Zemanta/Halmanta spurred some comments from blogger-readers who did not know about Zemanta. At first I couldn’t remember how to find Zemanta and where I set it up, which convinced me more than ever that Zemanta had taken over my blog as Halmanta. But, not to worry, the good folks at WordPress came though. The short answer is that it’s under “users,” then “personal settings” on the sidebar menu for WordPress bloggers. Here’s the link if you want to know more (or less) about how to use (or not use) Zemanta/Halmanta for your posts. Be careful though – you might end up drifting off into space like I did. 🙂


Now if I could just learn how to make links into neat little text like all the other bloggers do!

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(Non WordPress bloggers – here’s the link http://www.zemanta.com/)