Weekly Photo Challenge: Solitary

I caught this passenger waiting for the last boat out, through the doorway of  the Rock Island boat house, Door Peninsula, Wisconsin. Several passengers were actually waiting on the dock, but I waited until I could frame just one person in the limestone doorway.

Rock Island is the last large island at the end of the Door Peninsula in Wisconsin. The island is fairly isolated, only reachable by boat. Besides this limestone boat house, which is so well-preserved that from the shore it appears to be a new building, there’s a rustic campground, a restored lighthouse and a few smaller old buildings. It’s a great place to hike and explore, but be prepared to bring your own food and water – there are no stores on the island.

To get to Rock Island, we took a car ferry run by pirates to Washington Island, drove across the island to the far side, then caught a passenger ferry to Rock Island. The waterway around the tip of the peninsula, with rocky shoals and strong currents,  was once so hazardous a passage that is was nicknamed “Death’s Door” which lead to the name for the area, Door Peninsula. The addition of several lighthouses and modern navigation tools have lessened the danger of sailing though Death’s Door, but the name was already stuck.

Rock Island Boat House from the shore. This is the first thing one sees when approaching the island. The limestone structure is so well-preserved that my first thought was “Why did someone build a new boat house on such a remote island?”

From the inside, the building better shows its age. Built in 1928, the boathouse, with its Great Hall atop, is one of the remaining buildings of the Chester Thordarson estate. Thordarson, a wealthy industrialist, built a large estate on the island to entertain visiting dignitaries. Only a few buildings remain.

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