It's the Janucisers! (Image courtesy of Google)

I’m looking out over the cardio room at my gym. Evey treadmill is in use. Some folks are lurking behind the users, trying to see how much time they have left on their workout, like exercise vultures moving in for the kill. Over in the weight room, folks are huffing and puffing away, lifting way more weight than their paunchy frames can bear. Every bench in free weights is taken. Towels are draped over the bars and water bottles line the aisles. Back down in the locker room, all the good lockers are in use. Towels spill out of the used towel bin. The showers are running non-stop and folks pose before their locker, hurriedly  stripping off sweaty clothes.

So what’s going on here – is it the eve of the exercise apocalypse? Exergedeon? No. It’s just the season of the Janucisers. They show up every year around this time. Like beavers late to the dam party, they appear in droves beginning January first. They work feverishly throughout the month. They’re still in pretty good force in February. But by mid month you can get a treadmill without lurking behind its user. By the end of the month there’s no trouble getting a locker. And by mid to late March –  the Janucisers are gone. No strangers monopolizing your favorite bench.  No more having to use the broken lockers. The gym has been turned back to – the regulars.

Committment to regular exercise seems to be a regular new year’s resolution for many. Why is this one so hard to keep? I don’t always enjoy exercise, but when I started biking the spring of 2008 and

Huffygirl after 30 miles along Lake Shore Drive.

discovered how out of shape I was (even though I had been an avid walker and lifter for years) I never, ever wanted to go back to that point. It’s much easier to maintain fitness than to start anew every January 1.

What do you do for exercise? What helps you keep your committment so you don’t have to be a Januciser?