Weekly Photo Challenge: Peaceful

Beaver Island sunset (© Huffygirl 2012)

Straits of Mackinac (© Huffygirl 2012)

I chose photos from two of the most peaceful places I’ve been for this week’s photo challenge. The first photo is sunset on Beaver Island, Michigan. Beaver Island is off the west coast of Michigan, about where the little finger is on the mitten. It’s a two-hour boat ride to get there. Life there is slow. There’s not much to do, except enjoy the scenery and outdoor activities of the island, and eat and drink  at the Shamrock Restaurant and Pub, (which  I contend is the home of world’s best hamburger,) or at one of the other local pubs and restaurants. When we traveled there, we left our car behind, so had to rely on our bikes or walking to get around. It was definitely a peaceful trip.

The second photo is in Mackinaw City, Michigan, where Lakes Michigan and Huron meet at the Straits of Mackinac. Mackinaw City is a touristy spot, full of hustle and bustle: the hub for ferry boats to Mackinac Island, and the jumping off point to the cross the bridge to the upper peninsula. But spending a few quiet minutes sitting at the Straits Beach, watching the lapping waters and slow trawlers making their way below the bridge,  is enough to help you put the all that aside and enjoy the peacefulness that only sitting by water can bring.

© Huffygirl 2012