I’m ready for my Star Trek food replicator. Really.

Scotty faces problems with the food replicator...

Any day now we should be able to start ordering our Star Trek food replicators. Okay, for the uninitiated, aka non-Star Trek followers, this is how the food replicator works. You stand in front of the machine and clearly state whatever food you want, such as the classic, “Tea, Earl Gray, hot.” A soft whirring sound begins and a few seconds later, voilà: a cup of steaming hot tea appears.

So how do I know we are one step away from having a Mr. Replicator in every home? The 3D printer. I’m sure you’ve heard about this latest technology, straight from the Star Trek vault. A 3D printer works by dispensing particular  materials in small dots and layers, until your desired object is formed. There’s already a home version, The Cube, for only $1299, which allows you to make your own rubber toys, crowns, shoes, and small cathedrals, should you have enough of a need for any of these items that you’re willing to spend $1299 for one. The large replicators printers that make bigger things like cars and boats, are still a bit away, but based on our current use of Star Trek tech, should not be far behind.

As anyone can see, all of our current technology is based on old episodes of Star Trek. The touch screen? Why every machine on the bridge has been operated by touch screen even back when our computers were the size of  large rec room. Siri? Star Trek had a sultry voice-operated  computer which they addressed simply as “Computer”, which worked much better than our current voice recognizers, way back in the early episodes. Bluetooth? Just tap your communicator on your shirt and you’re Bluetooth connected. Tablets and iPods? “Here’s my report captain” and every Treker would hand a small, touch screen tablet device to the captain. The medical tricorder? Just swallow one when it’s time for your next colonoscopy.Since there are no new Star Trek episodes, our current tech inventors are relying on rewatching old episodes to come up with our latest gadgets. Thus, I’m sure they’re working on the replicator right now.

Okay. I’m ready.I’m getting kind of tired of shopping, cooking, and cleaning up. In the words of Pavel Chekov “now would be a good time Scotty…”

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