What was I thinking?

There’s no accounting for childhood tastes…

I’m sorry to say my favorite movie while growing up was “In Search of the Castaways.” What was I thinking? Perhaps one of the silliest movies ever. But I was a typical kid, all star-struck over Hayley Mills, the Taylor Swift of her time.

“Castaways” is a Disney masterpiece about the Grant children, searching for their missing father, who they know is alive because they found a message in a bottle. There is no explanation as to why one of the Grant children (Mills) speaks with a British accent, and the other does not. The children conduct a world-wide search with Maurice Chevalier as their guide, who at one point is riding a donkey through the Andean Mountains, while singing and playing a ukulele. And you thought the movie was going to be silly.

Thank goodness my taste in movies has improved over the years. If you want a good laugh, add “Castaways” to your Netflix queue and you’ll see what I mean.

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