The sea is as smooth as glass…

“The sea is as smooth as glass. Let’s take off our shoes and stockings, and paddle” Pirates of Penzance, Gilbert and Sullivan

The two stretched out on the sandy beach, tired from clambering across the rocky shore. Done with wading through water waist deep, done with searching through wave-washed stones . The heat beat up from the 100 degree sand. “It’s too hot and too bright to read,” she said. “It’s too hot to walk anymore,” he said. The two sat in companionable silence, appreciating every small whiff of breeze coming off of the water. “What can we do?” she said. “We never relax,” he said. “We’re always doing something.” “It’s true,” she said. “Even when we think we’re relaxing, we’re not. We pop up from watching TV to do ironing or dishes. We never sit still. We’re too busy seizing life, afraid to miss something and grow old.” “Why don’t we just relax? ” he said. “We hardly ever do.”

And so the two sat stretched out upon the sultry beach. They watched the distant storm clouds gather. They watched birds glide overhead. They savored the increasing wisps of breezes. And they relaxed.

© Huffygirl 2012

(Inspired by the works of Winsomebella Thanks Bella for your beautiful words and photos!)