Weekly Photo Challenge: Changing Seasons

tulips, https://huffygirl.wordpress.com, © Huffygirl 2012

Pitchfork Tree, Sleeping Bear Dunes, https://huffygirl.wordpress.com, © Huffygirl 2012

Pumpkin on bench, https://huffygirl.wordpress.com, © Huffygirl 2011

© Huffygirl 2012


One summer’s day in November

Gusting breezes,  wind-swept sand, dark clouds rolling onto land,

Summer’s sun gives little heat, with winter’s sand beneath one’s feet.

Waves roll in as sunset looms, as winter lowers its darkening boom.

Waves crash in for day’s last light, as summer bids its last goodnight.

© Huffygirl 2012

(Summer returned to Michigan for one day only, when temperatures reached 70 degrees in the aftermath of Super Storm Sandy, November 11, 2012.)

One summer’s day in November, original poem by Huffygirl, © 2012)