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Police and potholes

Some people think seeing a robin hopping around outside is the harbinger of spring. I have nothing against robins, but I submit the true harbingers of spring are these: police and potholes.

This time of year, I see those sneaky folks in their shiny blue cars lurking in the median, as I’m challenging the speed limit on my way to work. (After all, that number on the sign is just a suggestion, isn’t it?) In case you don’t see them, you’ll be glad that the person in front of you, who suddenly slowed down, did. So stop cursing him and waving your fist, and thank him from saving you from getting a ticket. Why do they come out in droves in the spring? Some would say it’s to catch all those drivers, who, at the first sign of spring, turn into free spirits and throw caution to the winds, while flying down the highway with the radio blaring “Fun, Fun, Fun” and the top down. Or maybe they are just after writers who over-use cliches.

Potholes are more common to cold weather areas, so those of you who don’t live where it’s cold are saying “What? Pot what? What is she talking about?” Potholes are gaping apertures of missing pavement, small caverns on the road of life, that occur when the cold weather starts to thaw. It has something to do with physics, freeze and thaw cycles, and moss growing on the north side of trees. Why we call them potholes, I have no idea: something about the hole being as deep as a pot, or some other folklore. If you want the scientific gibberish on potholes, click here, but suffice it to say, you know spring is around the corner when your front tire disappears in a hole the size of New Jersey.

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March, the coolest month.

March first! (Image courtesy of Google)

Get up, get ready and get going, because today is the day we march first. Yes, it’s March, the month whose name reminds us that winter is ending, spring is coming, and it’s time to get out of our winter doldrums and do something about it. Spring won’t really be here for a few weeks yet, but March starts to tease us and taunt us into thinking it is here. Look out your window – do you see birds you haven’t seen all winter? I haven’t seen a robin yet, but I’m hoping it’s because I haven’t been paying attention, not because they’re not  out there. The last two weeks I’ve seen red-bellied woodpeckers, which I never see around here until the first inkling of warmer weather appears. Today I awoke to gentle bird song, something I’ve sorely missed all winter. And although I don’t have any luck with hummingbirds, I bet that those who do will say these summer visitors are starting to arrive.

By the end of the week, we better be ready to march forth. We’ll get some days of beautiful weather that entice us out of our warm homes to run, bike, walk, maybe rake some left-over leaves or pick up winter’s detritus from our sodden yards. Time to get the old Huffy off the trainer and ready for the roads because it will be warm enough before we know it.

It’s a good thing that March is the month that gets us moving again, because round about March 14, we’ll be eating a lot of pie. Yes, the biggest day of the year for math nerds everywhere appears smack in the middle of this tremendous month. (3.14 – otherwise known as pi day.) And don’t let the ides of March worry you just because you ate all that pie – I don’t think they had pie in old Rome and that’s why Brutus was so ornery. Starting March 13th you’ll get to march forward, as we turn out clocks ahead for DST and longer daylight days.

So whatever you do today, make sure that you march, march well and march first!

My harbinger of spring - the red-bellied woodpecker! (Photo: Huffygirl)

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