Weekly Photo Challenge: Hope

I almost missed the opportunity to catch this picture of a rare double rainbow. Last fall best husband and I were debating if the rain would hold off long enough to take an after work bike ride. We debated so long that we got off to a late start. The weather was cool and threatening rain the entire ride. Because of the late start, we had to hurry to make sure we would be back to the car before dark, so it was more of a forced march than a fun ride. We were nearing the end of the ride when the light rain started. As we crossed the street facing into the sun, I had a feeling we’d see a rainbow if we stopped and turned around. What a surprise to turn around and see not one but two perfect double rainbows. We could see the entire arc of both rainbows from end to end. Both were incredibly bright, but unfortunately I could not capture the true beauty with my phone, the only camera available. We both stopped and snapped pictures with our phones for a few minutes, then rode the rest of the way home in light mist, with the double rainbow to our left, and a brilliant red sunset on our right.

Judeo-Christian traditions see the rainbow as a sign of God’s hope or promise. Other religions and traditions have different beliefs on the meaning of a rainbow. No matter what you believe, the rainbow is always a beautiful, unexpected welcome sight; a  good reason to stop what you’re doing and take some time to enjoy it,even if you do get a little wet. You never know when you’ll get to see one again.

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