Birdie bling

Male goldfinch, almost ready for spring. (©Huffygirl)

The birds in my area are taking on their colorful plumage, a sure sign of spring. After all, they have to look their best for mating season, especially the males. They need their bright, colorful feathers to attract the hottest babes in the bird world.

The color change is most obvious in the goldfinches. The males are changing from yellow-brown to all yellow, but as  you can see by the pictures, this happens gradually. They’re  still a way off from the bright canary  yellow they put on for spring. The females are shedding their all brown look for yellow-brown, similar to the coloring the males had all winter.

It’s a little hard to tell the males and females apart during this transition time, but by May it should be obvious. In the meantime, watch for typical male behavior to differentiate – things like hogging the remote, watching too much basketball, and driving big birdie SUVs 🙂

This female (lower perch) looks good, but these guys have a way to go (© Huffygirl)

He's still working on getting his bling. (© Huffygirl)


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