My photo challenge: guess this

Each week WordPress offers bloggers a weekly photo challenge. The great folks at WP suggest a photo challenge theme and bloggers go to work posting amazing photos depicting their interpretation of the theme.

Not this man; we already know this is Steve!

This week, thanks to a suggestion from my climbing guru, Philosopher Steve, I’m giving my readers a photo challenge. Look at the  photo below. Who is the man in the picture? Can you identify anything in the picture – the car or the building behind him? This is truly a mystery photo, even to me, so I’m counting on my readers to help me figure it out.The only clue I have is that the photo was taken in the Chicago area, probably in the early 1940’s.

Post your guesses in comments and I’ll give a shout out to what seems to be the best or most probable answer. Special thanks to Philosopher Steve for a great suggestion. (Do you think he minds being called that?)

Who is this man?

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