Hey, it’s a new year!

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Hey, it’s a new year again. Seems like I was just getting used to the old one, and bam, it’s done. Now – 2012. For some, the last year of existence if you follow the Mayan’s belief. For others, the first day of the rest of your life.

For many, it’s a time to make lists: the best and worst of 2011. Best dressed. Best TV shows. Worst celebrity bad behavior. The possibilities are endless. Perhaps the list making is an attempt to distract ourselves from the other custom of the new year, making resolutions for self-improvement. One would think we were a nation of lazy, ne’er-do-wells, so shiftless that every year we must make another valiant, yet hollow attempt at self-improvement, that is destined to last but a few days.

Of course in the states, New Year’s Day is most known for the day we watch bowl games (American college football that is.) It seems there are at least 40 bowl games on New Year’s Day alone. and that is not even counting the bowl games on the days before and after January 1. In fact, the real reason for making new year’s a traditional holiday/day off from work, is that so many Americans would be walking around in a football bowl-induced coma, that not much work would get done anyway.

What do you do on New Year’s Day? Watch football? Recover from partying the night before? Go to the gym? Or treat if just like the other 364 days of the year?

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All right already, I’m going to clean it

Sorry to say, this is my desk (Photo credit: Huffygirl)

My desk that is. My new year’s resolution (besides the usual lose ten pounds, bike faster and longer, and write legibly in the check book) is to clean my desk, and here’s the tricky part  – KEEP IT CLEAN. The biggest obstacle for me  is that I secretly like my desk to be messy. Well, I guess it’s not much of a secret now. My theory is that I get more done when my desk is messy, in part because instead of spending time cleaning my desk, I’m taking care of things that are on my desk. I can find everything I need, because it’s all sitting out too. I’ve heard others who have messy desks say the same –  they get more done working at a messy desk. But here’s the secret: the real reason that I get more done with a messy desk, is that the desk serves as a vehicle of natural selection. Survival of the fittest. Say you put something on your desk that you want to take care of: an article you want to read, a sale catalog from which you need to order, the number of someone you need to call, a manual from a new phone. As more things get piled on the desk, these items get covered until…when you finally clean the desk, the  article to read is no longer pertinent; the sale is over; the person you needed to call has

More messy desk (Huffygirl)

 moved or died, and the phone is broken or replaced. Voila! You saved yourself all that work and the problem took care of itself, all because of your efficient messy desk. Now why would I want to give all that up?

What’s your new year’s resolution? Is there a reason that you don’t REALLY want to do it like me?

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