Sick of campaign ads? Now there’s Blatherblock

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Like a recurring locust swarm, it comes every four years. At first, just a few cards in the mail, a few TV ads, But as November approaches, the bombardment escalates. The robo calls. TV ads. Texts. Snail mail. Email. Pop-ups. How can you protect yourself from the bombardment of campaign ads? It seems there is no escape.

Until now. Now, there’s Blatherblock. Blatherblock protects users from annoying campaign ads delivered online, on TV, in email, text message and snail mail. No other ad-blocking app offers such complete protection.

Blatherblock uses proprietary methods to protect you from unwanted campaign blather. Once you sign up for Blatherblock, within the next 24 hours your protection begins. With Blatherblock protection, you can answer your phone, open email, open your mail box and check messages without fear or anxiety, confident that you and your inbox will be protected from blather.

Has this ever happened to you? You come home from a hard day at the office, flop down in front of the TV to relax, but get bombarded with annoying campaign ads. With Blatherblock, your TV watching will once again be blather-free. Blatherblock discretely replaces annoying campaign blather on your TV screen too, seamlessly blocking campaign ads and replacing them with  delightful alternatives. Choose from  Daily Affirmations by Stuart Smalley, the ever-popular Andy Griffith Show,  the original Dallas, featuring the indomitable Larry Hagman, or hundreds of other blather replacements. Just make your selection from the Blatherblock  Replacement Menu when you log into your account at

Still not convinced? How can I know that Blatherblock is right for me? Just ask yourself the following questions. Is my time important? Is this an election year? Do I want to enjoy my personal time in peace?

If your answered  yes to one or more questions, then Blatherblock is right for you. Sign up today!

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