Sandscapes: Beach, bird, boat

Beach, kayak, bird

Beach, bird, boat.

I tried to catch as much as I could in this photo: the beach, Lake Michigan, a kayaker we met on a journey from Lake Michigan to Detroit, a gull flying overhead, and Holland Light House, about eight miles in the distance. How did I do?

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WP Weekly Photo Challenge: Answer

And the answer is...

This week WordPress challenged bloggers to post a photo depicting the theme “old.” This lighthouse looks pretty modern at first glance. But look closely at the windows.  You can see how thick the walls are by the inset of the windows. Older structures tend to have thicker walls than newly built ones. Look at the red railing at the top and the entrance at the bottom – these are modern and were clearly added later. Take a close look at the lighthouse walls. The black and white paint gives the illusion of metallic siding, but if you look closely you can see that the walls are actually masonry or stucco, not metal. 

This is Hook Head Lighthouse off the southern coast of Ireland. It is a Norman-built structure, dating back to 1172, and is believed to be the oldest working lighthouse in Europe. Sometimes what is old can be made to appear new.

No takers on this challenge.

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