It’s time to legislate against stupidity: no more texting while walking

Texting from the top

Texting while walking: the new stupid (Image by zenturia via Flickr)

Sigh. Really. I just heard the latest in the demise of intelligent thought and reasonable behavior among the American people. And no, I’m not talking about Congressman Anthony Weiner. This stupidity is related to the addiction known as texting. It turns out that many people stupidly text while walking. Although anyone with the common sense of a caterpillar ought to know that it’s dangerous to walk along without watching where you’re going, apparently many do not, or are so engaged in this stupid behavior that common sense is pushed aside. Because, OMG, what could possibly be more important than texting? 

 Turns out research done by Ohio State University has shown that 1,000 people suffered injuries from texting while walking. In 2008, one teen textwalker was hit by a car and died. So, because of this stupidity, some states are feeling compelled to make laws against stupidity, by making it illegal to text and walk. A clear case of how our wise state governing bodies feel compelled to intervene to protect us from…ourselves. One might postulate that anyone stupid enough to text while walking, may in fact also be too clueless to realize there is a law against it, or to realize that they should obey said law. Never mind. We’ll just enact another law, maybe one making it illegal to ignore laws that were enacted for our own good.

Definition of stupidity: