Do not be alarmed – I’m okay!

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I had surgery on my right shoulder today. Nothing serious, although it did turn out to have more things wrong in there than anticipated. At the last minute I had thoughts of putting it off for a better time. But there really is no good time when it comes to things like elective surgery. One can always think of some reason why now is a bad time to have it done. So I got up early, showered with pink antibacterial soap, had my husband write “yes” on my right shoulder, and “no !!!!” on my left shoulder, and off we went, where I was scrubbed some more, given an attractive “one size fits all large people” gown to wear, and bonked into oblivion with multiple kinds of modern-day anesthesia. All this, and back home in time for lunch. 

Surgery has certainly evolved from the good old days when I first studied nursing. Over  thirty years ago this surgery would have been done with a big open incision, and a several-day hospital stay. Or more likely it would not have been done at all, as a male surgeon would have said to me “you’re a middle-aged woman with ‘a little arthritis’ – just live with it.” Of course, it turned out be more than just ‘a little arthritis.’  It was arthritis, calcific tendonitis, a small rotator cuff tear, bursitis and a labral tear, in case you wanted to know.

But meanwhile I’m having a dickens of a time typing this, and just a tiny bit worried that I might be accidentally saying something goofy so soon out of anesthesia, so I’ll stop here. Maybe I’ll post some pictures later in the week, so I’ll warn the squeamish readers now, just in case. Meanwhile, I have even greater respect for blogger buddy Mark, of The Idiot Speaketh, who is bed-bound recovering from foot surgery. My gig sounds like a piece of cake in comparison. Good recovery Mark, and at least now you have someone with whom to commiserate.

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