Plinky Prompts: Attention Children and Adults: Must Read!

Cover of "The Root Cellar"

Cover of The Root Cellar


Have you ever wished you could go back in time? 


Why is “The Root Cellar” by Janet Lunn a must read for children and adults? This story uses an unbelievable fantasy adventure to help a young girl adjust to her new family and grow up. Rose’s life has been turned upside down when her grandmother dies and she’s forced to live with relatives she doesn’t know. In an attempt to find solitude, she ventures into an old root cellar, and the adventure begins. The story is compelling and the lessons that Rose learns are valuable for children and adults alike. It’s a great chapter book for middle-school to junior high age kids, or great for parents to read aloud to younger school-age kids. I read the book to my family, and read it again for myself. My copy is waiting on the shelf for when my granddaughter is old enough to snuggle with me in the big chair and read it together. 

(The assignment: name a children’s book every child should read.) 

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