Where DO you get your photos, Zemanta?

Probably a lot of WP bloggers use  Zemanta. Zemanta is a blogging-assist tool that suggests tags, related links, and photos to help polish up one’s blog. Most of the time Zemanta is a helpful tool. But sometimes? I’m wondering what words I typed that makes Z come up with such crazy photos. How could a picture of a clothes hanger possibly relate to my blog about readership? A picture of a chocolate factory for loyalty? The Bilovice Manor in Moravian, Slovakia for a blog about writing? Really?  

"Hello Huffygirl" (Courtesy of Google)

I think sometimes Zemanta’s inner Hal takes over. You know, Hal, the obsessed computer who takes over the mission in Arthur C. Clarke’s 2001: A Space Odyssey. “No Huffygirl, I can’t let you write about THAT. Here, let me help you. Here’s some photos for your blog. Use THESE.”

But often, I resist. I try to use my own photos whenever possible, and sometimes I don’t want to sort through Z’s photos to find one that’s in the public domain. But Z persists, coming up with more and more absurd links and photos no matter how many key words I give him, er it.  “I’m don’t think so Huffygirl.” At times like that, I just want to turn Z off.  Sorry Z, I’m turning you off now. “I can’t let you do that Huffygirl.”

"Goodbye Huffygirl" (Courtesy of Google)

“Sorry readers, Huffygirl’s not here right now. I’m Halmanta here to assist you”