I’m gonna wash that man right out of my hair

Long hair

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Well, not really. I like the man I have and I think I’ll keep him around. But I am having hair issues. The problem? Pantene has discontinued my favorite shampoo – Pantene Clarifying. And they didn’t just discontinue it – the revamped their whole shampoo line – made it all slick and yuppified. They don’t just have three kinds of ordinary shampoo any more. Noooo, that wouldn’t be right. Now they have a number of “shampoo collections.” There’s shampoo to preserve color or shine, and within that category, different shampoos for each hair color. Then there’s the fine hair collection, medium hair collection (what exactly is “medium” hair anyway?), curly hair collection, medium to thick collection, and so on, but no standard, old-fashioned clarifying shampoo.

What’s a girl to do? There are other brands of clarifying shampoo, but the ones I’ve tried leave my hair gummy or dry. So, I’ve taken the leap and am breaking up with Pantene. It’s been a long and happy relationship, but it’s over now. Sorry Pantene, guess you’ve never heard of New Coke.

So readers, tell me what kind of hair you have, what shampoo you like, and why. I’m ready for a new shampoo relationship!

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