It’s not too late

Count me! (Photo: Huffygirl)

To participate in the Great Backyard Bird Count that is. From February 18 to 21, 2011, spend at least 15 minutes each day counting the number and kind of birds you see in your backyard or chosen area. Then go to, click on submit your checklist and enter your data in the easy to use form. If you take any great bird photos you can submit those too.

My first bird counting attempt yesterday came up short. I was almost embarrassed to submit my count – two measly birds in the 20 minute or so period that I counted. Just like kids and pets stop doing whatever cute thing they were doing as soon as you get your camera out, my backyard birds went AWOL the minute I started to pay attention to them. To their credit, we were having horrible winds of 35 mph and up at the time, but hey, they could bird up and get out there anyway, right? Most any time I look out my kitchen window, I see birds. That is, until yesterday. I filled up my feeders and bird bath, then sat with my pencil and list and waited. And waited, and waited. Never mind that the winds were twirling the feeders around like Tilt-o-whirls at the county fair – where’s the birds? Finally two brave souls – a chickadee and a junco braved the winds to take a few birdy bites at the feeders, then quickly fled for shelter as the wind whipped the trees and swung the feeders around again. I guess I’ll try again, and hopefully get some better weather this time, and a more respectable count to turn in to the birdy stats people.

And me! (Photo: Huffygirl)

So get your pencil and paper, your bird book and a cup of tea, and join me the next few days counting the birds!