The Group of Four

As all bloggers know, we need readers. We craft our words carefully, sitting  hours before our keyboards late at night, early in the morning, and all crazy hours in between. We write in between work, household chores, minding children, paying bills. We toil away at our words. Finally, when each blog is done, polished, spell-checked, ready for public review, we click Publish, and wait. We wait for our words to come to life  in the eyes of our readers.

I have many regular, loyal readers, and I treasure and appreciate each one. But that was not always the case. When my blog was still a baby blog, my readership was sporadic, often disappointing. As a shy baby blogger, I wasn’t hip to recruiting  readers. Until the Group of Four  came along.  Yep, my very own little 4G network. I’m not sure which one I met first. I believe it was Techy, of  Working Tech Mom who very kindly added me to her Blogroll. Blogroll? I didn’t know there was a Blogroll. Then came Margaret of Conjuring my Muse, Zahara of Earthquakes and Rattlesnakes, and Mark of The Idiot Speaketh. Since then these four have been loyal blogger-readers, commenters, and all-around blogging buddies, as I try to be to them. Even if I write a fairly ho-hum post [which hardly ever happens I’m sure 😉  ] I can count on someone from my 4G network to chime in, to be there to support me.

Who is your Group of Four? Who do you count on to help your writing come to life?

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