Cameron Diaz waving for the camera at the 2005...

Cameron Diaz courtesy of Wikipedia

I’m one of those people (annoying people?) who sees celebrity in everyone. Just now I saw Dr. Phil walking across the lobby. If anyone  has a hint of resemblance to a famous person, I can pick it out. This Dr. Phil guy had the balding pate,  middle-aged gut – they could have been twins. Kevin Kline and Jerry Orbach work out at my gym. I went to grad school with Cameron Diaz. Tom Cruise is a local cardiologist.  And Shirley Jones is the mother of one of my former cub scouts.

The gift of doppelgänger perception can be a blessing or a curse. For instance – most people  would be thrilled to be told they look JUST like Cameron Diaz or Tom Cruise.  But Adolf Hitler? Not so much.  And just like all gifts, it comes out whether you want it to or not. Standing in line at the check out. Going in for a colonoscopy. It’s hard to turn off my “you look just like…” persona, even if it’s not the best time to tell someone they bear a strong resemblance to Gordon Liddy (he works in my building).

Who do you look like? What celebrity doppelgängers frequent your hangouts?

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