“A Look Back” is a hit: Thanks Erica

Feature photo from "A Look Back..."

Last week I posted A look back: my first year of blogging, a retrospective look at how Huffygirl’s Blog has grown and evolved this past year. It was great to spend some time reviewing and reflecting, pondering what worked, and what didn’t this past year. And I thought that was that. But unbeknownst to me, the fun folks at WordPress (WP) had other ideas.

As many of you know, since January WP has been engaged in a campaign to encourage its 300,000+ bloggers to write it up, with two campaigns: Postaday 2011 and Postaweek 2011. WP bloggers have been encouraged to post daily, or at least weekly in 2011. Personally, it seems to me that getting bloggers to blog is not really a problem. We bloggers tend to have a lot on our

It's the Daily Post! (Photo: Huffygirl)

minds and don’t mind saying it. Anyway just in case we need some help, WP has set up a special feature to encourage bloggers called The Daily Post. As one might expect, each day The Daily Post shares some kind of writing tidbit. Sometimes it’s a topic suggestion, a post about inspiration, or a challenge to post a photo or something outside of one’s usual comfort zone. 

Well surprisingly it seems that I’m much more inspiring than I knew, because on February 22, 2011, The Daily Post headline read “A WordPresser’s reflection on her first year of blogging.” WP author Erica Johnson featured my post “A Look Back…”  to encourage other bloggers to take a reflective journey with their own blogs. http://dailypost.wordpress.com/2011/02/22/a-wordpressers-reflection-on-her-first-year-of-blogging/ As usual, any mention from the good folks at WP brings a flood of visitors to the featured blog. I only became aware that my blog had been cited when I saw my stats rising and looked into it to figure out the source of the spike.

The unexpected publicity from WP brought many new visitors to my blog. I’ve had great fun exchanging comments with them, and taking a peek at each commentor’s blog (yes, I REALLY looked at every single one.) It’s been fun, inspiring and fulfilling, and once again made me keenly aware of the wonderful community of bloggers out there. I’ve “met” folks from other countries and cultures and found that they really aren’t that different from me. It reminds me that I’m not alone – that bloggers from around the world are but a few keystrokes away. It’s also a great reminder to US bloggers that not everyone in the world uses Farenheit, inches and pounds, at least not the same way that we do. Good to keep in mind. 

So once again, thanks WordPress and special thanks to Erica at The Daily Post for making my day.

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