The Container Store in Schaumburg, Illinois

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I have a new reason to visit my relatives in Indianapolis  – they are opening a Container Store there! What is so exciting about a store that sells containers, you might ask? Well, I love organizing. I get The Container Store catalog and pour over the pictures of perfectly organized closets and cupboards. Every item compartmentalized in a bin, basket, or drawer. Clothes neatly hung up, arranged by length and color, and never on the floor. Having a Container Store closet would be a dream come true. Of course my closet and cupboards never look like the pictures in the catalog and never will, because: a)  I’m not going to invest my life savings in buying containers, and b) I don’t have a personal assistant to come clean up after me to make sure everything actually gets put away into the bins, drawers and cubbies, and c) sometimes it’s just easier to leave things out, because, hey you’re going to wear it again in a few minutes anyway. I do have a few things in bins, baskets and drawers, and I  feel pretty proud of myself when I manage to keep them organized and in their place. In general, although I don’t go for complete organizational perfection, I do find compartmentalizing certain things makes my life feel so more organized. Gym clothes in one bin, T-shirts in another, and some drawers to organize socks by color makes my life a little easier.

January is a great time for organizing. It’s cold and you’re stuck inside anyway, and still feeling the new year’s glow, the proverbial clean slate. Out with the old, in with the new, so why not turn that fresh new year feeling into a newly cleaned and organized closet? Retailers capitalize on this feeling each January by putting storage bins and organizing gear on sale. You don’t have to go to The Container Store – you can find what you need to organize your home, and you perhaps can do it more cheaply at your local big box store or department store (Sorry Container Store, but I still love ya!)

If organization is on your new year’s resolution list, what works for you? My goal right now is to get the socks off my closet floor, get my dresser drawers reorganized, and set aside clothes I no longer need to donate to charity. What are you doing to get that clean slate in your home?